Review: Pillsbury Bacon and Veggies Egg Scramble

My wife did some grocery shopping last week while at Wal-mart with my oldest daughter. While she was shopping, she decided to look for something to have for breakfast this past Saturday (because we could actually have breakfast together) and, as she entered the frozen food section, she came across something we have not tried before; Bacon and Veggies Egg Scramble from the Pillsbury brand.

This was the first time she had seen this product and, both because she didn’t know what to expect from it and because she knew our kids wouldn’t eat eggs with vegetables mixed into them, she picked up one package for the two of us to share. This ended up being a bit of a mistake and, because of quantity; she should have purchased two packages.

However, other than that, I have nothing but good things to say about this product.

As planned, we made the Pillsbury Egg Scramble Saturday morning and it immediately impressed me. When I first saw this, I only glanced at it and, because of this, I figured it was like a dozen other products and required us to add our own eggs. That was not the case. The eggs were included as well. All we had to do was pop the bag in the microwave for a couple minutes and it was done. I liked this convenience because, even though we were able to have breakfast together, she still had to go to work and we didn’t have a lot of time to make breakfast.

I also appreciated the taste. I have had plenty of other frozen products that contained eggs and, to put it nicely, there was no way anyone would mistake those products for something that was freshly made. I’m not so sure I can say that about this product because, even though they were frozen, the eggs were actually surprisingly fresh tasting. In other words, they weren’t rubbery like the eggs in so many other frozen brands. The fact there was bacon and vegetables mixed in with them only added to the overall enjoyment.

Another thing that surprised me about this product was how filling it was. As I said before, my wife and I split one and it wasn’t quite enough for the two of us. But, based on how full I was with just half, I’m confident one package would be more than enough for one person.

If you are looking for a breakfast item that offers both convenience and quality, I recommend looking for this in your store’s freezer aisle.

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