Review: Tarina Tarantino Victorian Punk Fashion Lip Gloss

Tarina Tarantino is known for her cute packaging, and this lip gloss is no exception. It is a beautiful light purple glittery lip gloss with a cute skull cap. However, the quality of this lip gloss was definitely not up to par.

The lip gloss wand is slightly slanted and a little longer than those of most other lip glosses, which makes application a little easier. This is something that I definitely really appreciate because it can make your lip gloss look a lot cleaner.

Since I’ve been looking for a good purple lip gloss for a while, I was really looking forward to this one, but I was disappointed by the fact that this lip gloss is basically clear. There isn’t even really a tint of purple. It may make your lips a little cooler toned, but it definitely does nothing to add color. So if you are looking for color in this lip gloss, I wouldn’t recommend it. It does, however, have really great shine and glitter. It can definitely spice up any lipstick color, or can be worn alone. It doesn’t really feel gritty, which is a relief to feel on the lips.

The lip gloss is pretty thick and sticky, but surprisingly, this doesn’t help its staying power at all. In fact, this lip gloss had a disappointingly short wear time. Because of the thick texture, it can be pretty sticky and gross to wear on the lips, which is why I would definitely not want to do on a normal day. It can also be a bit drying on the lips once it dries, because the glitter stays on the lips while the gloss itself has worn off.

Overall, this gloss was a really big disappointment. I purchased it for $10, and since then it has decreased to $5, but I still wouldn’t pay that for this lip gloss due to its lacking pigmentation and unpleasant sticky texture. This gloss is truly more gimmicky than functional.

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