Rick Perry on Social Security, the Environment, Evolution, and the Economy

Rick Perry is a very dangerous person and I’m going tell you why: I hope that someone out there is listening.

1) Rick Perry claims that Social Security is a “Ponzi” scheme” and he wants it taken over by the states. Social Security is not a “Ponzi” scheme: it is money that you paid into and it is owed to you. 60 million people are currently on Social Security and 60 more million baby boomers will be entering the program within the next ten years. Do you want your Social Security benefits in the hands of the state you live in? Every single state in the nation is running a deficit. Do you want the benefits that are owed to you taken away because the politicians in this country don’t have a clue what they’re doing? Maybe we stop this stupid war which has cost the tax payers 4 trillion dollars, so that we can still have our Social Security benefits. 2) According to Rick Perry, climate change is make-believe. Basically what this means is that he will let the industrial sector run amuck. It is a proven fact that the polar caps are melting and that our climate is changing. To deny that carbon dioxide has nothing to do with it is shocking. It is also a fact that we only have so many natural resources in America and they need to be protected. Perhaps Rick Perry would like us to be more like China and India, which are both filthy, polluted countries. 3) Rick Perry suggests that there is no such thing as evolution. We all know that every species evolves. I am not implying that man evolved from a piece of slime in the ocean. What I am proposing is that man, created in the image of God, has evolved like all of the other plants and animals which exist on Earth. Why is not possible that creationism and evolution cannot co-exist. Everyone knows Perry is courting the neo-right wing religious zealots; but guess what? : He doesn’t have a Bat-phone to God. 4) Perry’s claim that he has brought in 40% of America’s new jobs in Texas might be true and he proposes to do the same throughout of the states. This is great news if want to be a waiter or waitress; a low wage construction worker; or perhaps a Wal-Mart greeter. 95% of all the new jobs in Texas are low wage. Can you support your family on $7.50 an hour? Do you know who currently occupies these jobs?

That’s enough for this morning; I am making myself sick: Please get out and vote.

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