Rihanna Releases ‘We Found Love’ Video with Chris Brown Look-a-Like – Is She Exploiting Her Past Abuse?

It appears Chris Brown has found his doppleganger in ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s new music video!

RiRi recently released her video for “We Found Love” that includes a Chris Brown look-a-like that mirrors a fight scene in a car oddly familiar to the same real life situation Rihanna found herself in during the 2009 incident with Chris Brown.

Brown was charged with felony assault after beating Rihanna in his Lamborghini and although the two have become friendly recently, the Barbados beauty continues to use the incident in several of her videos and public interviews.

After the conflict and criminal charges, previously loved and admired Brown lost all of his endorsement deals and was swiftly kicked off the radio. It wasn’t until 2011 when he was able to revamp his career with killer hits and smooth dance moves he showed off on his “Saturday Night Live” and “MTV Video Music Awards” performances.

While it’s clear it was an incredibly hard ordeal to go through and most likely very traumatic for Rihanna, it happened almost three years ago. In recent interviews she’s talked about how incredible he is so why does she continue to use the situation over and over? Is she just milking the situation to make more money from it? Let’s look at how she’s publicly used the conflict in her music career.

“We Found Love” Video

As described previously in “We Found Love” Rihanna’s on-screen boyfriend is a Chris Brown look-a-like who gets into a fight with her in a car. Although Chris Brown has yet to comment on the video, many fans are now complaining she’s exploiting the situation in her recent release.

One fan tweeted, “”Dear @rihanna im still a little confused on how I feel about the We Found Love video, especially since the guy resembles Chris Brown.”

Another fan agreed by saying, “Rihanna’s new video = her relationship with Chris Brown 100%. Open to all arguments.”

Esquire Interview

While Rihanna was taking her clothes off for her Esquire photoshoot she discussed in depth her current feelings about Brown.

“It’s incredible to see how he pulled out of it the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know?”

It’s huge for Rihanna to forgive a man who abused her like Brown did but if she knows how hard he’s worked to get his career back, why keep bringing up the past?

“Man Down” Music Video

In this reggae inspired beat Rihanna puts out a powerful message in the video portraying the story of a sexually abused woman who gets revenge on her perpetrator. In the video, Rihanna heads to a nightclub where she meets a man who forces himself onto her after dancing together.

When he doesn’t back down she takes the situation into her own hands. The video ends with her ending his life. The video’s message was clear and concise: abuse the wrong woman and you’ll regret it.

“Love the Way You Lie” Collaboration with Eminem

One of the biggest hits of this past year, “Love the Way You Lie,” was an incredible collaboration between two of the music industry’s leading performers. Rihanna sang the chorus depicting a girl taking abuse from her boyfriend, “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn / that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.”

After the video was released showing a domestic violence dispute both Rihanna and especially Eminem were criticized for exploiting Rihanna’s 2009 incident with Chris Brown.

After releasing her new “We Found Love” video, should Rihanna cut back on re-hashing the Chris Brown situation?

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