“Ringer” Pilot in Review

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV in The CW’s new show Ringer. In the show Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a set of Twins. Bridget is under witness protection, and is a key witness in a murder trial. Her twin sister Siobhan is married and living in New York. Bridget escapes her handler and goes to see her sister. The sister’s haven’t seen each other in six years. Siobhan has never told her husband that she has a twin sister.

When Siobhan takes Bridget out on her boat, things start to get interesting, once you get over the bad green screen job. Bridget wakes up on the boat and Siobhan is not there. Bridget finds Siobhan’s wedding ring in a pill bottle, and some of Siobhan’s clothes in the water. Bridget thinks that Siobhan killed herself. Bridget doesn’t know what to do; she panics and assumes her identity, and everyone bys it.

It turns out that Siobhan has some secrets of her own. She was having an affair with her best friends husband and she is also pregnant. So how long can Bridget pretend to be her twin sister? And what about Siobhan, is she really dead? That gets answered at the end of the episode.

Ringer is a little bit confusing to follow, there are a lot of mysteries in it and it seems like each character has a secret. But it dose leave you at the end wanting to watch the next episode to find out what happens next.

Ringer airs on The CW Tuesday nights at 9:00pm

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