Seven Apps that Will Take Your iPhone to the Max

According to iTunes, the current top five iPhone apps are games. However, there many apps that are over looked. I have identified several of my favorite apps that no iPhone should be without. The first app is called Bump. Bump is a file transfer program that is compatible with both the iPhone, iPad and select Android devices. Photos, music, apps and contacts are wirelessly transferred from phone to phone by simply taping the units together.

My second favorite app is not only free, but it is built into the phone. The Maps app is a gps device that shows walking routes, driving routes and bus routes. It operates like any gps, but what sets it apart for other gps units is the “current location” feature. This feature will you show how to get to your destination from where you are currently standing. In addition, the maps are constantly updated through the network. So there is no need for the software updates like other gps units.

The next app is one of Time magazine’s top 50 iPhone apps of 2011. Yelp is your personal handheld tour guide in any city you visit. Yelp provides directions, prices and reviews to all local food spots, gas stations, and entertainment locations.

For the music and entertainment lovers, here are three apps that will cover all your needs. ESPN Radio 3.0 is a sports lovers dream. This app gives you access to every ESPN radio station in the country and all the podcast produced by ESPN. The app is $2.99 and has no monthly subscription fee. This makes it much more affordable than satellite radio. iheartradio is a free app that gives you access to over 750 radio stations all over the country. This app works for both iPhone and iPad so you never have to be without your favorite local radio station again.

HBOGO puts the power of HBO right in the palm of your hand. HBOGO gives you full access to all the movies, shows and sport events that are shown on HBO. The apps is free, however you must all ready have HBO service under your current cable provider. You can also post comments on about what you are watching on Twitter and Face Book.

I could not have a discussion about my favorite apps without including at least one game. My favorite game is a oldie but goody. Tetris is one of the biggest selling mobile games of all time. This simple puzzle game will bring hours of enjoyment at a very modest price of $2.99. This version of Tetris offers a new feature called magic crayons. The magic crayons give you the ability to draw the piece you need. These seven apps have served me well and I hope that they will do the same for you.

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