Seven Days After is Reminiscent of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Faith No More

A band that is out to prove how good they really are is Seven Days After. They’ve seen some adjustments with their sound but now, the guys have a solid foundation of melodic rock. Guitarist Jesse Saint recently stopped by to talk about the band and their music.

Q – Real quick, where did the name Seven Days After come from?

A – The band name came from a former song title. Seven Days After is a post apocalyptic theme and it’s in the bible as well. Genesis 7:10, King James Version: And it came to pass after seven days that the waters of the flood were upon the earth.

Q – I heard a few songs from the debut album and there seems to be a pop/rock Alice in Chains-type influence. How would you describe the band’s sound?

A – When first forming the band we tried several different sounds and the one that really stuck with us was the riff rock type stuff. Some of it is reminiscent of bands like Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Soundgarden, and Helmet. There are other songs on the album where you can hear our metal background; I think we’ve found an original combination!

Q – I was reading the band’s bio and one of the reasons why Seven Days After was formed was due to the state of heavy metal. Disturbed recently stated they are taking an indefinite hiatus because of the state of heavy metal. I actually think metal is making a comeback. What exactly is wrong with the state of heavy metal?

A – Well, at the time we had just completed our four album deal with Victory Records in the band The Autumn Offering. Our last record was our heaviest and there were thousands of bands playing metal, just screaming and ripping off each others riffs, with no depth, conviction or originality. It’s really hard to survive touring and playing that style with so many bands doing the same thing poorly oversaturating the scene and style.

I wouldn’t consider Disturbed metal but it can definitely be said that the next Pantera, Slayer or Megadeth is not out there right now. I do see a resurgence of Nu Metal or Radio Metal bands. There’s nothing I’ve heard or scene out right now that makes me nostalgic enough to want to go buy every album and shirt and go to every show like the above mentioned great metal bands!

We decided to do something more melodic; something different. I had been planning on doing a hard rock band for years. After constantly touring with metal bands like Scum of the Earth, Silent Civilian, and The Autumn Offering, I needed something different. When I brought the idea to former Autumn Offering/Hell Within vocalist Matt McChesney he was immediately aboard.

Q – How does Seven Days After plan on making headway in an industry primarily dominated by pop acts like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry?

A – Songwriting! I believe Seven Days After has something for everyone. I believe fans of everything from grunge, active rock, and metal will like our sound but only time will tell. Also having the right people behind you and having the experience to know which business decisions to make are key. Instead of doing a demo we started right out with a full length titled “Carpe Nocturne” from well known metal producer Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch, Gojira, Devil Driver, Dommin). We also recently brought on former Linkin Park manager Rob McDermott who has worked with Hell Yeah, Static X, Pantera and Rob Zombie.”

Q – The debut album will drop later this year. What can fans expect from it?

A – We are actually releasing two EP’s titled “Carpe Nocturne” I & II. “I” will be available this winter and “II” will debut summer of 2012. There are lots of varied sounds and styles on the album. There is some screaming and heavier material but I would say if you YouTube Seven Days After, Chemical Queen and check out our Facebook ( you’ll get a decent feel for whether our sound is for you.

Q – Will there be a corresponding tour with the release?

A – We are currently booking January through summer and there will be several tours. Until then we will be gearing up for a tour in Scottsdale, AZ and will be playing several shows in AZ, LA, and Vegas. Check out Facebook for dates.

Q – How do you feel about shows like “American Idol” and “X-Factor” that promise the world to artists for essentially winning a karaoke contest?

A – Never watched “X-Factor” and I’ve glanced at “American Idol.” I don’t believe those shows want artists with staying power. If everyone who won those shows were popular more than a year or two no one would watch the new season. The people who win those shows are tax write offs for labels; they make a quick buck and then it’s over for the artist.

Q – Thank you for your time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A – Yeah, come out to one of our shows. Music online doesn’t touch the real experience. Everyone in 7DA is a seasoned musician. Come up to us after the show and say hello. We are all down to earth people; don’t be afraid to buy us all several drinks.

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