Shoe Shopping for a Mate

If the men in our lives are like the shoes that we pick….

We should choose sturdy, stable shoes that are hardy in the heel and comfortable in the instep. They should be able to protect our feet along with our feelings.

But we often buy whats new on the rack, or what’s glamorous in the magazines. I am guilty of picking up a pair that is the latest fashion trend. So many of us skip the fabulous racks of new high end, high heels and pick a pair from the clearance rack, and realize too late that what you get is what you paid for. Good quality costs. And when you scrimp to save yourself, you end up on the loosing end. With that discount you also bought yourself achy feet, an achy heart, and an achy back. How many miles can that pair of shoes really take you, when is it time to trade them in and buy a new pair? The first time they disapoint you? The second time you see the heel is a bit worn down? I think its probably the time they choose someone or something over you, of course that is not really a characteristic of a pair of peep toe heels, but a man can do just that. Getting rid of shoes can be emotional, just like getting rid of boyfriends.

Oh, if only we could find that perfect pair or Jimmy Choo sling backs. Do they even exist somewhere out there sitting on a rack? Maybe we could have a shoemaker measure our feet and design the most comfortable pair for us?

Even though this perfect pair of pumps would get abused throughout the day and then put on a shelf like so many other pairs we wear, at least they would be with us everywhere we went during the day. We would know that that one pair of special made, just for us shoes, fits like no other pair, and supports us where ever we go.

I am inclined to believe the perfect pair is out there. He has been made specifically for me. I know he is waiting, being sewn up the side and polished up just for me. I will find him, I will pray he is on the next isle just above eye level.

May I be wiser with my next purchase.

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