Shopping Guide for Red-Hot Valentine’s Day Dresses

Tired of wearing the same old black dress every time you’ve got a hot date? This Valentine’s Day, you could be sizzling in a hot red dress instead. With the “little red dress” taking Hollywood (and everywhere else) by storm, there’s no time like a holiday dedicated to love to pick one up for yourself.

How to Choose Your Little Red Dress
Buying a dress, no matter what the color, does not have to be a difficult process. Know your body type, what flatters your shape, and have an idea what you’re looking for before you shop. Here’s some basic guidelines for common body types:

Heavy body types should shop for a dress that creates symmetry in the body (either minimizing the top half or bottom half for balance). For a minimizing top, look for a scoop or v-neck design and some simple flare or draping on the bottom. Pear-shaped body types will benefit from a dress with some detail work on the top half and an a-line silhouette. Ellen Tracy makes a great dress in cherry red that is figure flattering.
Hourglass shapes should be the easiest to dress and can wear nearly any style. But if you choose to even out the curves, shop for a dress that doesn’t accentuate the waistline, like a sheath dress. Rectangular body shapes need a dress that adds some curvature, like a belted or cinched-waist dress. Wrap dresses, halters, and sheaths are also good at feminizing a boyish figure. Have some fun with a chic red wrap dress by TravelSmith or a printed floral in red by Diane von Furstenberg.

Red-Hot Shopping Options

There are a lot of options out there for anyone in the dress shopping market. Red dresses, as well, abound. Nearly every major brand name has a red dress, some in multiple designs, patterns, materials, and styles. To find the best choice for you, have your specifics in mind and start searching! Some of the hottest trends in dresses right now include unique necklines, lace and sheers, mixed fabrics, one-shoulder, wraps, and (still) maxi dresses.

Have some fun with something sexy and smoldering or chic and elegant, the choice is yours. As long as it’s red, you’ll be catching eyes wherever you go!

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