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Sterling silver jewelry is inexpensive, very versatile and more durable than fine silver, so it makes a good option for jewelry meant for day-to-day wear. However, unlike platinum and white gold, it does require a small amount of extra care to keep it looking its best.

Jewelry is an accessory that can help you complete an outfit and help you look better put together. While sterling silver, fine silver, white gold and platinum all have a similar look, choosing sterling silver jewelry has some advantages over choosing jewelry made from these other metals, including its low cost, versatility and durability.

First, sterling silver jewelry is less expensive than fine silver, white gold and platinum. The lower cost of sterling silver jewelry makes it more accessible to a wider range of people. This means that people can purchase a number of pieces of jewelry they like without spending too much money. Not everyone can afford to spend a fortune for a single piece of white gold or platinum jewelry. Some types of jewelry are also easy to lose, so purchasing inexpensive jewelry makes it less of a loss if you should happen to lose an earring or other piece of jewelry.

Sterling silver jewelry is also very versatile, allowing jewelry designers to create a number of different looks. The finish on sterling silver can be matte, polished, antique, sand-blasted, oxidized for a dark finish, brushed or have a satin finish. Jewelers find silver easier to work with than gold, so you also may have a wider selection of one-of-a-kind pieces to choose from if you purchase sterling silver jewelry. You can find jewelry with very intricate designs or more simple pieces depending on your preferences. Sterling silver can be used to make all types of jewelry, including rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, so if you want a set of matching jewelry it is a good option. Platinum and fine silver are not as suitable for making matching sets of jewelry, platinum due to its high cost and fine silver due to its softness.

Although sterling silver jewelry may not be a lot less expensive than fine silver, it is a lot more durable. Fine silver is very soft, making it unsuitable for certain types of jewelry due to the high potential for damage. Because sterling silver is a mix of metals, it doesn’t scratch or dent as easily as fine silver. Sterling silver is most often made by mixing silver with small amounts of copper. However, because it still contains 92.5 percent silver sterling silver jewelry still looks very similar to fine silver jewelry. Other more durable options, like stainless steel, tungsten carbide and titanium, do not have the same look and versatility but can take even more of a beating, which is why they are often used in jewelry for men.

One of the main disadvantages of sterling silver jewelry is that it does tarnish over time. However, it isn’t all that difficult to clean sterling silver and get rid of the tarnish and this doesn’t have to be done very often. Wearing the jewelry regularly and storing it properly can help to limit the buildup of tarnish as well, further limiting the time you would have to spend cleaning your jewelry. Setting aside a small amount of time once a year to clean all your sterling silver jewelry is usually sufficient, and all it requires is some silver cleaner and a polishing rag.

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