Stress Management for Job Seekers: Insights from Metaphysical Traditions

Even with the plethora of career related instruction available from courses, books, professional guidance, job seekers still experience frustration and despair after making the rounds of job fairs, networking events, resume blasts, and nearly successful interviews. The perceived power inequality that exists between employers and the unemployed can lead job seekers to doubt their capabilities and undermine confidence in innate strengths and overall life purpose. Adding non-traditional approaches to job search stress management borrowed from metaphysical disciplines can refresh a tired career transition by reigniting passion, creativity, and enthusiasm while reclaiming the power of inner knowledge that exists within us all.


Prayer is by far the most accepted and recognized of metaphysical approaches in Western society. Regardless of religious preference, quietly communing with one’s chosen deity provides calm reflection and guidance during times of hardship. Feeling the presence of a higher power can bring job seekers a sense of protection and purpose even amidst uncertainty. Prayers for the unemployed exist across faiths, in addition to specific recipients of prayer such as St. Catejan; the Catholic Patron Saint of Job Seekers and Lakshmi; the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune. Visiting a place of worship offers the structure of religious rituals alongside fellow devotees and can quickly elevate the mood while providing the perfect environment for productive prayer.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and the Buddhist version called Mindfulness involve quiet contemplation and reflection. Although meditation originated from Eastern traditions, it has become more popular and sought after in Western culture, gaining respect in medical and scientific communities. Both approaches involve slowing down and becoming keenly aware of your breathing, senses, environment, and inner thoughts in the present moment. Job seekers benefit by experiencing a reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, and fear while increasing calm focus and clarity. A website for beginners introduces the concept of mindfulness as well as simple exercises that take just minutes.


Divination has been utilized across religions and cultures since ancient times to foresee the future or gain an understanding of life’s trials and tribulations. Rich and poor alike have sought intuitive counsel using nearly every tool imaginable such as tarot cards, cowrie shells, star patterns, pendulums, dreams, runes, tea leaves and palm lines. Job seekers might consider using a chosen form of divination on their own, or with the help of a qualified professional to obtain insights regarding career direction or decision making. In addition, divination can be extremely cathartic; healing disappointments while providing validation, omens of good fortune, and rekindling dedication to one’s life path and purpose.

Inspired Arts

Art has long been seen as an expression of beauty and healing. Contemporary psychology has embraced the idea of art/expressive/creative therapy encompassing healing through music, dance, writing, drama, etc. Adding bibliotherapy and movie therapy it is clear that all forms of art have the power to improve our perspective during times of hardship whether we are creating the art or enjoying it as an observer. Job seekers can select forms of art that appeal to them, or solicit suggestions from friends and family that may apply to a current situation. A plethora of songs, movies and books speak to the issues job seekers face such as financial struggles, finding fulfilling work, or dealing with unemployment. The topic is relevant enough to be influencing Hollywood with such recent blockbusters as “The Company Men“, 2010 and comedy “Horrible Bosses“, 2011.

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