Subject Needs Object

Physical existence is not possible without a subject (creator) and an object (creation). Duality is the name of the game and it’s how they relate that determines the manifestation we call life. Creation needs a force from which it manifests, an intelligence or a living consciousness that projects its will, purpose, plan or objective into existence. Creation cannot be by itself, it needs a source from which it manifests. Creator can exist alone, but then it is not expressing itself creatively. They must work together. They are interdependent on each other. They are also the same essence and must be a reflection reversely of each other.

Just as a camera inverts its image when taking a picture, creation must be empty of the essential qualities of the creator. In other words a creator must create in a vacuum. The reason is that it must provide a stage for creating that is empty of itself somehow, a place called anti-creator. You cannot put something into a box that is already full. The space has to be empty of mass, but it still has to include elements of the creator or its essence. Energy in some form must be available.

Humanity is both creator and created. At our core, we know who we are and why we are here — all the answers are known to us, because we are that which exists. As the created, we exist in a vacuum which allows us to be separate from our creation. Our minds allow us to exist in a vacuum called space and time where we can forget our true selves and begin an endless journey back to it. Life is a journey outside the reality of who we are. This is why it is impossible to discover ourselves in space and time through our minds. However, it does allow us to explore our creative potential like a child in a sandbox. The sandbox is an imaginary playground, but when mom calls us for supper, we realize it is time to go inside our real home.

We and existence depend on a mirror reflection of both conscious and unconscious energy to manifest creation. We would not exist and the world or universe would not exist without it. It provides the stage within us where we forget ourselves and also remember ourselves, if we choose. It is infinite and spacious, never ending and easy to forget in it. To be hypnotized by our creations and forget as a child that it is not reality we are playing with, but a creation of our own imaginations.

To know yourself you must realize within yourself that you are both creation and creator and, even beyond that, you are essence of existence. What seems so far away and complex is in reality very simple and obvious in your awareness. It is the mind, searching through the millions of ideas, theories, and observations that is lost in itself and searching for something that does not exist as an object. Truth is never an object. It can be known and felt from within, but never discovered from without its nature.

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