Super Nintendo Will Always Remain the Best Console

The best game console of all time would have to be the Super Nintendo. Not only do I still have my original console from 1991, I still frequently play it. With Super Nintendo being the first console with the save option, it brought gaming to a whole new level. Lets not forget about all the countless amounts of games and all the varieties that came along with it. Even television shows became a game, Tom and Jerry, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Jeopardy and so on.

The birth of Super Nintendo games gave us many games that are now Classics; Super Mario, Madden, Mario All-stars, and Super Mario Kart just to name a few. To this day I will randomly get the urge to start Super Mario and not stop till I have finished the whole game and saved the Peach Princess. It is now even being relaunched on Wii as a, classic game. No upgrades to them at all, just the simple games from back in the Super Nintendo era released as Wii games now so that the new generation of Nintendo players can play them.

When I was younger my brother and I would join forces and spend the whole weekend playing NBA Jams taking our team all the way to the final championship. Nowadays with the new consoles they are geared towards specific games only, no more variety. Certain games only play on certain consoles. Plus games that are out now seem to expire rather quickly. You play them a few times, beat the game, and then you trade them or never play it again. To many people Super Nintendo games have become some what of a collectable item. I know there have been a few games I wanted bad enough that I paid more than I planned, to get back in my own collection.

Before Super Nintendo, there was just Nintendo NES. While I am still a very big fan of NES, there was no save option with games. You had to sit down and play the game all the way through. I remember I would have to sit for hours to try to beat Mario Brothers. Or I would have to leave the NES console on overnight in fear of losing my place in the game I was currently playing. Super Nintendo set the mark for all future consoles, which is why I think consoles now are reverting back to some of their classic games brought out by Super Nintendo.

I don’t believe there will ever be a day I give up on my Super Nintendo and get rid of it. It is a console that will always be in my house and always be available to play when any sudden mood should strike me to go on an adventure with Yoshi. No other console is as versatile with its games or has stayed so popular to become a classic yet.

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