Supplements for Martial Arts

The most important supplements for Martial Arts are:

Whey Protein: After a workout with mitts, bags, sparring gloves, fight that lasts two hours, from 20 to 22! What you want to eat at 22:30 / 22:45 at home? of pork sausage with lentils? The best way to shoot dinner is 40-50 oz of milk serum proteins with 300 ml of milk, eating a banana that also stimulates good sleep!

BCAA: branched chain amino acids are practical and effective, a atlets must have energy, but at the same time should not be burdened by a meal in the vicinity of the workout. Here you BCAA can do for you! 5 oz pre-workout and post workout 5 oz! maybe with a little fruit! or a glass of green tea!

Creatine monohydrate: used especially in the brasilian jiu jiutzu, judo, wrestling, boxing, wing tsun when workloads are heavy! increases by 10% the strength of the athlete.

We must start by saying that if the trauma is severe with total or partial rupture of muscle or tendon, obviously only a qualified physician can intervene and solve the problem but often the injury is not serious in the gym, like stretching contractures acute inflammation. In these cases, however, see a doctor as well as field experience has shown that the synergistic use of several accidents in the gym can reverse quickly.

Here is a brief list of products more ‘effective:
– Glucosamine: the sub-layer provides for the formation of collagen metabolism is opposed to the wear of the connective tissues
– Zinc: powerful antioxidant and stimulating tissue repair
– Vitamin C: basic constituent of collagen
– Adenosyl methionine: born as powerful anti-inflammatory anti-depressant, but comparable to the Ipobrufen, but without side effects (requires prescription)
– Vitamin E
– Global Antioxidant helps to oxygenate the tissues better and fight the free radicals in inflammation to increase enormously
– Cucurma: spice high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Stick to the recommended doses, but once again the field experience shows that in case of increased doses by at least two or three times, results are faster.
(These are recommendations, always consult a doctor before taking any supplement).

The article contains information That comes from my experience and my tests.

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