Take Heart

Lend me an ear, if just for a moment, lest unspoken words go to waste
If we fall by the wayside, then all was in vain when we fought through the trials we’ve faced
Cast aside all desolation to lighten the load which weighs the sun down
And lift your face to the skies and seek counsel in heavens of past renown

Close your eyes and fit it all together on a canvas of rationalized projection
And pay heed no longer to traveling souls who fly onward, lacking direction
On a stage where the actors have no scripts to speak of, confusion is rampant, indeed
And it’s easy to give up when the world’s on your shoulders, which adversity will not concede

Roll though the high tide and wave troubles past
Because in the meantime, though the meek finish last
At the end, they inherit the earth

Pain is fleeting in the big scheme of things and depression is a product of pain
Look past the wet streets and clouds in the gray sky to see the good in the rain
In order for something to fall so far, it must have been high before it fell
So find you some comfort in knowing that hurt can’t exist without joy there as well

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