The Anatomy of a Heart

A heart is a spear. An apple. A wing. A question mark split down the middle. A heart is a B and a V. Our biology. A pair of puckered lips never meant to bare teeth. A heart is a stamp. A shoe that doesn’t stomp. A hard hat stubborn to turn and to change. A heart grows until you die, but shrinks all the same. A heart is a manmade symbol. A hallmark holiday. A trickster fairy’s best weapon. A heart is romance, erotica, intimacy an intercourse. A heart is love, but not the love the world needs most. A heart is reproductive organs, upside-down or right-side up. A heart is a moon. A teddy bear’s ears. An inverted triangle. A horizontal, double-scooped ice cream cone. A heart is weighed with a feather from a guard of hell, and we have heavy, hungry hearts. Without another heart we can’t fly. A heart is two snakes united in a kiss embrace. Evol.

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