The Best Fast Food Coffee and Smoothies

Everyone enjoys drinking a good cup of coffee or a refreshing smoothie from a fast food restaurant. Is coffee or a smoothie from a fast food restaurant really good for you?

Some fast food restaurants do make healthier coffee and smoothies. A good cup of coffee or smoothie will have no fat or very low fat and low grams of sugar. These are two important things to consider when drinking coffee or a smoothie.

Unhealthy coffee or smoothies will be full of sugar and fat. Coffee can make you feel jittery, nervous or hyper. Some people can even feel tired after drinking several cups of coffee. Smoothies can make you feel full which makes you have less energy. This happens from to much sugar. The fat and sugar can also make you gain weight if consumed on a daily basis.

If you want to find the best coffee or smoothies that fast food restaurants offer, then here are 4 for you to consider.

1. Smoothie King – has very good smoothies. One of the smoothies they offer is very good for you. The smoothie is creamy and has a wonderful taste. This is a vanilla smoothie called “Slim-n-Trim”. It comes in a 20 oz. size. The smoothie has 19 grams of sugar and only 1 gram of fat. There is 153 calories in this 20 oz size. This is a healthy smoothie to consider.

2. Starbucks – is known as one of the best places to get coffee of any kind. Starbucks has coffee that is good for you and also coffee that isn’t. At Starbucks you do have a choice. One very good coffee that Starbucks offers is called “Grande Nonfat Caffe Misto”. This coffee is 70 calories and has 0 grams of fat. The coffee has 10 grams of sugar in it. The coffee has a nice rich flavor and is a healthy choice.

3. Dunkin’ Donuts – offers a coffee that has a lot of flavor and is actually good for you. This coffee is called “Latte Lite”. This is a medium size coffee that has 120 calories. There is 0 grams of fat and only 15 grams of sugar which is a low amount. This coffee is a good choice and is a wonderful alternative to the coffee that has higher calories and more fat and sugar.

4. Starbucks – this is another healthy coffee that Starbucks offers it’s customers. This coffee is called “Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte”. This coffee has a lot of flavor. If you like cinnamon then you will love this coffee. The coffee is artificially sweetened but that doesn’t make it unhealthy in any way. This coffee has 130 calories. The coffee has 0 grams of fat and 17 grams of sugar which makes this coffee a smart choice.

These are some of the fast food restaurants that offer good healthy coffee or smoothies. There are others and by doing some research you will find which restaurants have the coffee or smoothies that will work for you.

When you find the coffee or smoothie that you like make sure it’s a healthy one so that you can benefit from drinking it.—what-are-you-drinking.html

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