The Best Little Karaoke Place in Town

Everyone loves to sing, even if it’s only in the shower. Sometimes it’s hard to work up the courage to get up there and just belt it out, no matter how much liquid courage you’ve had. That’s not the case at Tracks Sports Bar and Grill though. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, everyone sings. With a phenomenal long time karaoke hostess, Debbie Rhea, there isn’t a person in the crowd that is not involved.

What’s your style of music? Rock, rap, country, reggae? Debbie Rhea has it all in her arsenal. Having been in the music industry for quite some time, she is well versed in most every genre of music, so when you mess up and forget the words, even though they’re on several screens in front of you, never fear. With a wink, this awesome hostess will come to your rescue. Make them all laugh with a little Ray Stevens, get the party started with Pink, let her know how you feel with some Luther Vandross, or just let her you know you want her to back that thing up with Juvenile.

The line-up is always unpredictable. You may hear Patsy Cline, followed by Blink 182, then Bob Marley or Aretha Franklin. With 1000s of songs to choose from, you don’t have to wonder if they’ve got yours.

If the karaoke experience wasn’t already exceptional, the atmosphere of the bar is fun and welcoming. For ages 21-101, this bar will feel like the bar just down the road. Black, White, Asian, Latino, it doesn’t matter here. The serving staff is friendly and fun and the bartenders know their way around a liquor cabinet. Grab a Bud or ask for a “surprise me” and see how long before you and karaoke hostess Debbie Rhea are singing a duet.

Just in case need something a bit more substantial in your stomach, the grill masters have a doctorate in delicious. Ignore the diet tonight, and get your favorite deep fried specialty.

With plenty of free parking, when the party’s over, you never have to wonder where you left your car. Make sure someone is sober before anyone gets behind the wheel. Don’t worry, though, if you’ve a bit too much; just let one of the Tracks staff members know, and they’ll call you a cab.

You may not be able to sing as well as a toad, but tonight at Tracks Sports Bar and Grill, you’re a star!

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