The Care of a Daughter

“I LOVE you mom” Angelica; who is 6, says to her mother who at the time has tears rolling down her cheek. She is in tears because she has just found out her breast cancer has moved to the brain. Angelica’s mom is Rita and she also is the mother of 4 other kids; David (17), Jacob (14), Roger (10), and Mckayla (8). The Father Rick; is trying everything in his will to provide for the family. It kills him inside to see his wife slowly slip away from his grip and about to leave this thing we call “life.” The cancer has came back to fight her for the fourth time now and it is more aggressive than the time before.

Angelica’s mom has to go through a serious of surgeries from removing a tumor from the breast to removing a tumor from the brain. She goes through vigorous chemotherapy treatments and radiation sessions. She may seem down on her physical fatigue but she tries everything in her power to throw a smile on her face for her kids. For this she knows is why she is fighting. Every fight she takes is another day she might see her kids achieve in athletics or academics, to even the small things like having a date to their Junior prom. Making memories are the only thing that matter at this point. Making sure to say I love you at the end of every conversation was one thing the Lambert’s never forgot to do. They learned what it meant to be thankful for family.

When the news came that the cancer traveled to the brain, the family collapsed and join together in a hug so powerful the jaws of life couldn’t separate them. They just wanted to know what can we do and the only option was surgery and then intense radiation which would wipe out energy she would have left in her. They carried out the plans for surgery and all went well. The children couldn’t wait to be reunited with there mother. The thoughts of David could have made anyone fill up with tears. All he could think was its not fair to his little sisters. They shouldn’t have to see their mother like this and they sure as heck don’t deserve to have her taken away from them. David had to hold back his emotions and stay strong for his younger siblings and show them everything will be ok.

Rita then started surgery two weeks after the surgery. After the first treatment it already took a huge toll on her. The doctors said the worst is yet to come which made them all think “how can it get worse than this.” She arrives home expecting she can rely on her sons and husband to help her incase she needed it. unfortunately the three sons get dragged to help out with the neighbor next door. Then Rick forgot that he needed to pick up another medication for Rita that they forgot from the store which is 20 minutes away. Rita tells Rick its ok to go to the store she willl be fine. This leaves the two girls and mom in the house alone. Rita starts to vomit which the Dr.’s said would be a side affect to the radiation. Angelica sees her mom in agony and distress. She goes to her mom and starts rubbing her back telling her it’s going to be ok. Angelica with no fear in her voice asks her mom if she needs anything and tells her she’s in good hands. Mom fills up with tears and witnesses first hand what great dangers a family can encounter bet yet how strong they can stay for eachother.

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