The Exorcist Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

The Exorcist is one of the classic movies to watch at Halloween and is self-described as being “the greatest supernatural thriller of all-time”. It was originally released in 1973 and starred Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Jason Miller, and Max von Sydow. The movie was based upon an apparently true exorcism of a teenage boy from Maryland in 1943 and the book to follow in 1971. If you are a fan of the supernatural film, carving one of its characters into your pumpkin this Halloween is a fun idea.

Of course the best character from The Exorcist to consider carving is Regan MacNeil, the young girl in the movie who becomes possessed by an evil entity. The character Regan was played by actress Linda Blair.

The pumpkin pattern website Zombie Pumpkins offers an Exorcist theme stencil of a possessed Regan. The design is new for 2011 and features a front profile of a possessed looking girl. The pattern is found in their movie monsters section of the website. It is classified as being of advanced difficulty to carve.

In order to use this Regan stencil, you will first have to become a Zombie member. Membership starts at two dollars. The two dollar membership allows the member to download and print out two of their patterns.

Another place online that you can find a similar Exorcist stencil of a possessed Regan is the Stoneykins website. They have two designs of Regan. In order to download, you have to purchase credits. The cheapest credit option Stoneykins offers is three credits for three dollars.

Zombie Pumpkins, “Regan”
Stoneykins, “The Exorcist”

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