The Law of Success

The Law of Success was originally a book that was written by Napoleon Hill in 1925, and was first written as a 16 lesson correspondence course. Over time, the law of success has changed and has been broken down to rules that people should follow in order to be successful. This is much different from the correspondence course because the rules vary with each person because it has been noted that not everyone can be successful in all of the same ways.

The definition of success, at its root, is achieving what you have set out to do. If you set out to have a book published, and that is exactly what you did, then you are considered to be successful. This can apply to anything, as long as it is something that you intended to do. To put a bit of a spin on it, if someone goes out with full intentions to commit a crime, and they do, then they too, are successful.

Though the rules and laws vary between different individuals, there is one principle that seems to hold true through everyone’s experience. This is to never give up. If you set out to accomplish something, you cannot in any way be considered successful if you give up before you achieve your goal. No matter what gets in your way, you must keep pressing on in order to be successful.

There are a few other laws that may not necessarily hold true for everyone, but they can be helpful. One is to know what your talents are. It is easier to be successful in something that you are already quite practiced in and good at. Another law is to have confidence. Common sense says that if you do not believe in yourself, it is difficult for anyone else to either.

The laws of success vary between different individuals, but can be useful to anyone that wants to be successful.

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