Africa is a continent and a place of all kinds of life, things and leaving. Lot of things happens in Africa and Africans survives it all even from child because they have the secret built in them.

This secret is a secret that make them do most of the things they do without any fear, it also the actual secret that makes majority of them black in nature, although, they look like apes surfer tribulations, hunger, poverty, deserted but it doesn’t stop an African child from been a king, a world ruler and can never stop the child from having a name in the world Guinness book of record either for a bad attitude or character display or it will be for a good thing or good impression or good creativity.

Every African child can survive all sorts of pains and can take any kind of enjoyment that life may bring, they can do all kind of job, accept or offer all kinds of opportunities in order to earn a living, and they can survive in all kinds of weather, environments and places. In fact, they suit all field of life

And can act better or worse in it because of the secret built in them.

Africa is a place where all kinds of unimaginable story are had and it is as the same in the life of Africans too, it is a place where the biggest church or lot of churches are found and they pray day and night but the rate of sinful and evil doing is at highest degree, Africa is a continent of reach resources like minerals, agriculture, man power and good weather but the rate of poverty has no limit in the life of the nongovernmental citizens (people who aren’t in government seats) because of the high rate of corruption of African leaders but the secret built in an African child will never allow the child to fight for liberation or stop a leader from been corrupt nor steal.

So the secret of an African child is called black magic, zeal, poverty, anger, fear and determination.

Black magic is a power among African leaders and some other rich ones among them, it makes them heartless on there citizens, and it makes them corrupt because the power is full of evil.

Zeal is an attitude in the life of an African child to acquire or attained a brighter future. It is the secret that makes them work like elephants or do all sorts of things to achieve their aim in life.

Poverty is the killer and the reason an African child bed for living, it make them flew from their father land to foreign lands and it leads them to commit all kinds of things.

Anger is part of the reasons African child is heatless and wicked in nature, it make get involve in all kinds cheat and humiliation against their fellow human.

Determination is one of the most important secret why an African child is useful, great in life, fair living and never fail to achieve its aim even when life offers nothing.

Fear is also another reason why Africa will never change in its character or nature because the citizens are born with fear of death and none can ever fight for freedom.

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