The Sega Genesis: The Greatest Video Game Console of All Time

The Sega Genesis was a revolutionary game console in many ways but the main reason is the introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog in my opinion is the greatest video game series of all time, with competitive levels and extreme popularity amongst its fans and even though Sega does not make consoles any more Sonic games are being made today; and don’t forget sonic the hedgehog 3 which was one of the first games that allowed you to save.

There were other good thing about the Sega Genesis as well, such as Sega CD and the add-on device called the Mega drive which had its own games in CD-ROM form. The Mega drive also allowed you to listen to music. If it was not for this I think CD games would not be the same today. Also of note, Sonic CD was the first game Sonic spoke in.

Sega also revolutionized the gaming world by being the first system to rate its games. The reason being is that there was controversy in some of the more violent games so they created the Video game Rating Council. The rating system included, GA – General Audiences, MA-13 – Mature Audiences, and MA-17 – Mature Audiences this rating system lead to the current rating system the ESRB rating system (hardcoregaming101. 2011).

One of the most interesting things with the Sega Genesis was the Sega Nomad, which was a hand held game system that played Genesis games. The Nomad was battery operated and very portable, similar to the Game Boy (, 2011). I believe that this system was better than the Game Boy due to the fact you could play games that work for both systems and not have to buy all new games. Unlike the Game Boy games which only could be played on the Game Boy system ( 2011 ).

Sonic and Knuckles is one of the most amazing things I have ever played. Not only was it a good game but you could attach it to other Sonic games like Sonic 2 and 3 which would allow you to play as Knuckles instead of the traditional Sonic and or Tails. This game was just pure genius ( 2011).

All and all the Sega Genesis brought gaming to a new level. I believe that if it was not for the Sega Genesis we would not have other systems such as the X-Box or the Nintendo Wii. Also can you picture a world without Sonic the Hedgehog or Mortal Combat?

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