The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes Review: Futuristic Fun in a Moon World

The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes world is the latest opportunity for players to add yet another neighborhood to the game between expansion packs. This time the developers have added a fun new twist to the usual new-world formula: A futuristic, Sci-Fi inspired land full of alien trees, spaceship inspired architecture, and powerful crystal ore. But does this mini-expansion and new world to explore offer enough to merit the $24.50 price tag (2,450 Sim Points)?

Lunar Lakes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Without a doubt, the Sims 3 Lunar Lakes world really lends some novelty to the selection of neighborhoods currently available through expansions and store purchases. I previously reviewed both Barnacle Bay and Hidden Springs, both of which were available through the official Sims 3 store or Origin; those new worlds followed the usual themes present in the Sims 3 neighborhoods: Some pretty lakes, a nice shoreline, some rolling hills and new construction in the residential and community lots. Basically, what you would expect in your average Sims 3 world.

Lunar Lakes goes one step beyond, and introduces players and their Sims to a Sci-Fi land that is called a “foreign planet” likely inspired by our own moon-based fiction of previous decades. The new lots and venues fit beautifully in the theme, with new doors, windows, and landscaping options. Both male and female Sims received a new outfit, which is also ideal for this futuristic, space-age world.

I was disappointed that the non-player characters (NPC) Sims within the world are generally NOT in the new styles of clothing available. I took the time to customize the male and female version of the costumes for each of my adult Sims, only to add them to the neighborhood to encounter nearly everyone in normal clothing. I know that the Sims 2 had a feature for overwriting the clothing available to the NPC characters, but I haven’t personally play-tested in such feature – or modification – for the Sims 3 as of yet. While this was a fairly minor thing, it was a little disappointing to see so abundantly in this very well made, futuristic world.

Fortunately, Lunar Lakes is one world that offers numerous locations that are flat enough to add larger community lots. The studio that enables the film career option requires a 64 x 64 lot, and quite a few worlds available in the Sims 3 only have a few options available that don’t require extensive adjustment to the rolling hills of the land. I had fun adding an Equestrian center, vampire lounge, and dance club to Lunar Lakes. The community and residential lots present in this world fit the setting nicely, and are fun to recreate when you need a larger home or some extra neighbors.

What isThe Tree of Prosperity?”

My favorite new item introduced in the Lunar Lakes world is called “The Tree of Prosperity.” This item is exclusive to this mini-expansion pack, although players may eventually be able to buy it from the Sims 3 Store separately. It’s described in the store as an “exotic plant [that] is made of floating crystals and changes shape throughout the day. Play with the Tree of Prosperity and your Sims can learn skills faster. Discover the secrets of this alien tree today!”

This item periodically changes color, from purple, to green, and blue, and while glowing a single serving of the special fruit is available for consumption by a Sim. There didn’t seem to be a way to stock-up on these fruit; instead, whichever Sim picks the fruit immediately eats it to gain the bonus. I don’t want to reveal all the secrets to this great exclusive item, but my favorite effect was eating the fruit at a certain time to gain a point of training in a random skill!

The final verdict for Lunar Lakes: 4/5

While this isn’t my favorite new world available for the Sims 3, Lunar Lakes is still well worth considering if you want a refreshingly new option for a neighborhood. The exclusive item included is very nice to have, and fairly affordable – especially if you use money cheats – and I loved the Crystal Mines nestled into the landscape. The $24.50 price tag is a little high, but considering most full expansions cost $40 or $50, I can see why EA Games decided to offer this mini-expansion at half price. I think that $15 (worth of Sim Points) would have been a more “fair” price, but I don’t regret my investment in Lunar Lakes as an addiction to my gaming experience.


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