Who Won Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars?

We are finally here “Dancing with the Stars” fans. After 10 weeks (and a horribly long two hour finale) we finally have a champion of season 13. Did Rob beat the odds and overtake Ricki and J.R.? Read on to find out.

Repeat Dance

Ricky and Derek – Tango

My favorite Ricky Dance, even better than the first time. That last shot behind the screen still gives me chills. Stunning, simply stunning.

Rob and Cheryl – Foxtrot

Rob seems to glide across the floor, which is a far cry from the stomping he did during the first couple of weeks. Last time this dance was very emotional, this time it was flowed with more precision and heart.

J.R. and Karina- Jive

They took out the Lindy stuff (that’s a shame, but understandable) and delivered a flawed, but still enjoyable performance.

Judges Placements for this Round:

3rd – Rob and Cheryl

2nd – J.R. and Karina

1st – Ricki and Derek

Finishing in 3rd Place – Ricki and Derek

Whoa. I knew Rob had a chance, but this is still a shock. It is understandable though. Ricki’s free-style (while really good) just did not have the same effect of Rob and J.R.’s, and as it has been mentioned before, this thing is usually won by the free-style. This is kind of exciting though, setting up the most improved dancer against the front-runner.

Return of eliminated contestants

Metta World Peace and Elisabetta Canales

The first two to go this season, and they have not changed my mind about them deserving that particular honor.

Kristin Cavallari

I think calling her a front-runner was a bit much, but it really did look like she was having fun.

Chynna Phillips

Now that is redemption. Seeing her do this dance again makes me sad that she messed up the first time, which possibly led to her elimination.

Carson Kressley

This is filler that I can definitely take. The best worst dancer is back, still as charming as ever. Pefect song choice, with a routine as big as his personality. Extra kudos to Teddy and Val for being man enough to dance with Carson very closely.

Nancy Grace

This was my favorite routine of hers, and it still made me smile.

Chaz Bono

Was that not the perfect song choice, or what? It was also great seeing Lacey’s dad Buddy do his thing as well, giving chubby guys everywhere a really good name.

David Arquette

David and Kym are joined by the troupe for their fun Broadway routine. I think David is right, being relaxed does help.

Hope Solo

Did anyone else notice Hope hit one of the lights? Other than that, it was pretty good, but her attitude the last couple of weeks is still fresh in my mind, so it is hard for me to smile through this routine.

Instant Samba

The song will be Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon,” with J.R. going before Rob. J.R. and Karina throw in some nice tricks, while Rob sticks to his trademark booty shaking. Both are so different, it is hard for me to tell who is better.

Final Scores:

J.R. and Karina: 30

Rob and Cheryl: 30

And the winning couple is: J.R. and Karina

The hero came through, helping Karina earn her first ever mirror-ball trophy. A much deserved win for the both of them.

What do you think? Did the right person win?

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