Would YOU like to Be Famous? Would YOU like to Be on Talk Shows All Across the USA?

Would YOU like to be Famous? Or Do you know anyone who has the gift of gab and is a walking knowledge base on their area of expertise who wants to become famous? Or do they have some cause or group they are passionate about promoting?

Would they like to do Talk Show interviews all Across the USA from the comfort of their own home or office? Being an expert guest on a talk show cannot only be taking steps towards becoming famous, it can also be a real healthy boost for the ego and sometimes lead to opportunities you never could have imagined!

The types of guests booked range from authors, people with a cause, people just wanting to spread the word on their favorite topic, to just about anyone with an interesting idea, or the expertise to be the commentator on one of the latest hot news topics.

I have personally booked over 1,000 talk show interviews and also known and worked on and off with Jerry McGlothlin for 5 years. He is a hard working, dedicated man who does his very best to operate by the Golden Rule, (do unto others as you would have them to unto you). He founded Special Guests, (SG), over 25 years ago and has spent his professional career helping people.

He and his team have booked famous people: Ed McMan, Hal Lindsey, Vicky Lawrence, Kevin Sorbo, ( star of the Hercules TV series), and many others. He has booked people on famous shows: Oprah, Leno, Good Morning America, The 700 Club, The Today Show, Bill O’Reilly, CNN and on and on. But he has also booked thousands of people who were not famous. Some to go on to be famous and some who just wanted to be able to put on their resume that they had been a talk show expert guest. It’s an impressive thing to be able to say!

No one can guarantee you that they can make you famous. Sometimes, no matter how much money you throw at the cause, the fame and fortune just won’t come. But it can go the other way around too. I personally worked with a client who had written a book but was living in virtual obscurity. She hired Special Guests, (SG), to get her talk show interviews and she also hired a famous image consultant and publicity agent to boost things along.

The last time I talked with this friend of mine, some of her accomplishments were that her book had made it to #1 on Amazon and was close to that on Barnes and Noble! She even had written another book along the same lines and now was pushing that. She was making tens of thousands of dollars a month and plowing the profits back into the quest and moving on up! She told me how a major TV network was now working with her about the idea of her having her own talk show from a studio close to her home, and the show would be syndicated all over the country! This is a definite success story! That was a few years back when we talked. There is no way of knowing how much farther up she may have moved by now.

I have also seen the other end where someone has a book they wrote. I laugh remembering a client who explained it to me that he had written the best book in the world ever, and he wanted to make sure the whole world found out about it! He was having a hard time upping the sales and he told me that if the world wouldn’t go for the chance to read the best book ever, he was just going to start to go fishing all the time! It was their loss!

SG doesn’t just represent book authors. There have been guests who have been there for years doing interviews to promote their groups. Civil causes, such as gun owners rights. Moral causes, such as protecting the American Family. Political causes and many more. Actually just about any group or cause can benefit from doing talk show interviews to spread the word and grow the ranks.

Guests get interviews to discuss their new technologies sometimes. There just was a guest who had invented a better wind turbine design to help us get on the upside of the current energy crisis. He was close to the production phase and wanted to start creating a hungry consumer base so his sales could hit the ground running, so he started doing talk show interviews all across the USA! From the comfort of his home and office.

Getting talk show interviews isn’t free. You need 1 or 2 thousand dollars upfront so Jerry can have the money ready to pay his bookers for getting you the interviews. But if you check the market you will see that many, if not most of the other agencies charge 5, 10, or 15 times as much up front and also insist that you sign a long term contract, which he doesn’t do.

I have met a lot of fine people over the years who did the talk show interviews. Some of them were a little nervous at first, but that almost inevitably turned into them telling me they were having the time of their lives doing interviews! There have also been many stories about contacts they made that really helped them in their quests. People who heard them during an interview, or a friend of someone who heard them during an interview sometimes had great opportunities for them that they never would have imagined!


1. SPECIAL GUESTS HOME PAGE: Television and radio talk show guests for talk show hosts and producers. Publicity agents/Public Relations specialists: http://www.specialguests.com/.
2. SPECIAL GUESTS PRESS RELEASES LISTED CHRONOLOGICALLY: http://www.specialguests.com/guests/data/print.html.
Special Guests Inc. – Do you have a book, organization, cause or event to promote? Let us help! Contact Special Guests TODAY at 630-548-9300! – Description: Publicity firm that books guests on TV & Radio Talk shows. – General Information: Special Guests, Inc. is a publicity firm, founded in 1986.
4. SPECIAL GUESTS U-TUBE SITE: http://www.youtube.com/specguests.

If you are interested in checking out the idea of you, or someone you know, becoming a talk show guest, please contact Jerry directly. You may have to leave a voice message if you call, but please leave the message and he will get back to you. His contact info is: Jerry McGlothlin, CEO, Special Guests, Inc. 630-548-9300 [email protected]. Who knows, if you are into science or technology he may even ask me, Science Dave, to get back to you. Thanks for your time and happy interviews!

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