WWE- Rob Van Dam – One of a Kind Dvd Review

Rob Van Dam has made a name for himself in wrestling. With great athleticism, and a positive outlook on life. He is one of the best to come through professional wrestling. In this dvd you will see why, with awesome matches, and cool extra features that take a look at the man behind the legend.This dvd was released by the WWE in 2005, and its 6 hours long. The dvd is about 20 to 30 dollars new in any store. You can find use ones at Ebay from 5 to 10 dollars.

Disc 1

Robbie V vs Scotty Flamingo on WCW Worldwide 2/8/93- A short match between Rob and a young Raven. It wasn’t the best match, but you can tell both guys had “it”. I give it a 7/10

RVD vs Axl Rotten on ECW Hardcore TV 1/5/96- This was RVD’s debut in ECW, and it was very impressive with RVD showing a bloodthirsty crowd his athleticism, I give it a 7/10

RVD vs Sabu on ECW Hardcore Heaven 6/22/96- This match has alternate commentary with RVD and Paul Heyman. They give a great insight of what happened during the show which made me appreaciate the match more. RVD and Sabu did alot of high-flying risky stuff in a broken ring, that had a messed up top rope. I give it a perfect rating.

RVD and Sabu vs The Eliminators at ECW Crossing the Line 2/1/97- This was for the tag team belts, and what a display of out of control mayhem. There were a lot of spots on ladders and chairs. I give it a perfect rating.

RVD vs Lance Storm at ECW Barely Legal 4/13/97- Another awesome match, that was more technical then hardcore. I give it a perfect rating.

RVD vs Jeff Hardy on WWF Raw 5/12/97- This was just a squash match for RVD. I give it a 1/10

RVD vs Tommy Dreamer at ECW November 2 Remember 11/30/97- This was a ECW vs WWF Flag match. This was just a classic ECW brawl. It looked like the match skipped ahead, and it ended with a lousy finish. I give it a 7/10

RVD vs Bam Bam Bigelow on Hardcore TV 4/9/98- This was for the title, which RVD won for the first time. Him and Bigelow dished out alot of punishment. I give it a perfect rating.

RVD vs Jerry Lynn at ECW Living Dangerously 3/21/99- This was another epic classic were both men did alot of technical wrestling and some high spots. I give it a perfect rating.

RVD vs Jerry Lynn on ECW Guilty as Charged 1/7/01- Just another awesome classic that gets a perfect rating.

Disc 2

RVD vs Jeff Hardy at Invasion 7/22/01- This was for the hardcore title, and this was RVD’s better matches in the WWE. There was some insane bumps that both men took, like Jeff Hardy falling off a 20 ft ladder. I give it a perfect rating

RVD vs Chris Jericho at King of The Ring Semifinal 6/23/02- A great technical mat wrestling match between these two legends. I give it a perfect rating

RVD vs Christian on Raw 9/29/03- A ladder match for the IC title, and what a great one at that. Both men just gave each other an epic beat down. I give it a perfect rating


Before They Were Superstars- You get to find out about Rob’s childhood, and how he was throughout in school. How he aspired to be a wrestler. His training habits, and how he got trained by the Original Sheik

Airbrush Artist- This shows how Rob gets his unique looking outfits

Frog Splash- A WWE confidential feature with Rob and Eddie Guerrero talking about their finisher. How they both do it differently

Jakks Pacific Tour- A cool tour were Rob gets to see how his action figures are being made.

Fantasy Matchup- WWE wrestlers from past and present discuss a dream match between Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and RVD. They talk about their moves, their way to signal the crowd, different eras, and their physiques. Then you see clips of both of them in action,

Wrestlemania Moments- Rob talks about how he went to see Wrestlemania 3 as a fan and how that hooked him into wrestling. Then he talks about his debut match on Wrestlemania 18.

Outside the Ropes- A very interesting interview with RVD and Jonathan Coachman. There was some hilarious moments on here.

RVD Vignettes 1 and 2

Behind The Scenes- RVD and Breaking Point get together to shoot for RVD’s theme song and video.

WWE Invasion Promo- Another behind the scenes look at RVD and his match up with Jeff Hardy

RVD vs Ballz Mahoney on ECW Anarchy Rulz 9/16/99- A great match that RVD had with a big man such as Mahoney. I give it a perfect rating. Plus this match has the alternate commentary of RVD and Paul Heyman.

RVD vs Sabu on ECW Hostile City Showdown 4/20/96- Another high flying classic between these ECW legends. I give it a perfect rating

Robbie V vs Pat Rose on WCW Saturday Night 1/23/93- Rob’s debut match in WCW and it wasn’t a spectacular match, but it showed that RVD was going to be a star. I give it a 7/10

I have to say WWE did a really good job with this dvd release. Besides the 1 squash match this dvd is almost perfect. The match selection was awesome, and the extra features makes this dvd one of the best that the WWE has to offer. This would be a great pick up for any fan of RVD or of wrestling in general.

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