You Can Write 300 Words About Anything!

This article began as a personal challenge to prove to myself and to you, the reader, that you can quickly and easily write 300 words about just about anything and make it interesting and fun.

But Why Write At All?
Simply put: Content is king. You must write to be relevant. Writing inspires, informs, and entertains. If you have a good idea, sharing it is the write thing to do! Sure, there is so much that can be said for video, but Google still hasn’t learned how to read lips, so despite all of the video content on YouTube and similar video sites, most of my personal research ends in reading some article like this. I still find it simpler and easier to read, write, and, most importantly, remember written words.

Why Write 300 Words?
If you write for the average reader, 300 words is “bite-sized” and perfect for the average attention span. It could be said that if your average article exceeds far beyond 300 words you’re probably just being overly verbose. Make your points and move on. Not everything you write must become a manuscript.

Another important tip is to be mindful of keyword density. The general rule of thumb is 10%. That means that if you are writing an article to rank highly in Google searches, you should use your targeted keyword, in this case “300 words” in about ten percent of the article.

How Long Does it Take to Write 300 Words?

I started typing this at 11:00 AM on a chilly Saturday morning in Houston, Texas.
In about 5 minutes time I have already outlined the major points in this short article which appear as the questions “why write, why 300 words, and how long does it take to write 300 words” and am just about one third of the way to 300 words. Now I’ll go back to expound on the major points. It’s now 11:10AM I’m already over half way to 300 words, so I should be wrapping this up by about 11:20. It’s 11:25 and I’m expounding on my thoughts. 11:30, 358 words all done!

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