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Can a person over dose from smoking meth

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A:Yes you can OD on meth; tachycardia, arrhythmia, chest pain, hypertension, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can occur. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-person-over-dose-from-smoking-meth ]
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Can a person over dose from smoking meth
Yes you can OD on meth; tachycardia, arrhythmia, chest pain , hypertension, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can occur.

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Is this true about drugs?
Q: Well when i became a freshmen in high school my grandfather warned me about the druggies in high school and told me too sat away from drugs and told me they will ruin my life and they will put me on the streets and will kill people,rob banks,steal purses for drugs someday. he told me how they can kill me and used micheal jackson and elvis presley as an example of how they ended up. He told me drugs were like cigarettes if i never Start doing them i will never after to worry about quitting. When i got into the health unit in health class my health teacher told me how marijuana,otc,prescription drugs,and other drugs kill your brain cells. He told me about the chemical thc that’s in marijuana is what makes the drug addictive. I read an article in health class about marijuana addictiveness. I read how it is a gateway drug and that marijuana users likely will be a heroin or coke addict someday but of course this article this article was directed too teenagers. I also learned that using drugs illegally can lead to problems that can ruin your life. Well one day we had a cop come in and talk to us about drugs. He talked to us about marijuana,heroin and cocaine. He told us marijuana is addictive and how these people in college smoked a joint when they woke up,smoked a joint during lunch,smoked after their classes,and smoked after their dinner for the rest of the night. He told me how a man got addicted to heroin through laced weed from a drug dealer who gave it to him. He told me drug dealers are the most un trust worhty people and you don’t know what there giving you. They lace weed to try to get you addicted to the drug inside. He said that heroin is very easy to over dose on and die from. He told me a person died from heroin overdose at a party from just a 30 second decision to do heroin or not. He told me to never drive anyone anywhere who you don’t know because they could have a drug on them and if a cop pulled you over and the person was caught with the drug you can go to jail too atleast thats what i think he said i cant really remember what he said about that. he also told me that if you do drugs you were to do things you never thought you would do like crimes like robbing banks. He told me one of the main reasons why people do that kind of crimes is because they want their drugs and that is one of the main reasons why they do those kind of crimes. He said people who would smoke weed would smoke a bad joint atleast once thats laced with another drug in it and said you would most likely do heroin and die from it and i think its true cause on the show intervention some people started with weed and ended up doing cocaine,heroine or meth. I saw many peoples lives ruined from sdrugs on that show. So is all thsi stuff true about drugs that i just said. I know friends of mine who smoked laced weed for fun and sometimes dont and sometimes dont even know if there is another drug inside the joint. I know friends of mine who started smoking pot and now they also do oxycontin,lsd,cocaine,prescription drugs. Is this true about drugs.
A: A little THC/LSD/psilocybin/mescalin/DMT never hurt anyone.
Marijuana………..huh (Sorry, kind of a rant) LOL?
Q: The thing i dont get when it comes to the legality of marijuana is the limitations of it, what i dont get is even though marijuana is illegal….unfortunately illegal,lmao, stores still sell bongs, pipes and smoking accessories for smoking marijuana, book stores sell books on how to grow marijuana, step by step, if marijuana is illegal then why arent these things? Its almost like society is encouraging us to smoke pot, yet police still slam us for smoking it,lol. For example, in the city where i live BB guns are illegal, but i bought it from a store in the city in which its illegal in,lol….makes no sense, if BB guns are illegal in my particular city then why sell BB guns in the city??? I dont get it…same with pot, its illegal but stores everywhere sell pot smoking accessories……its also almost like saying guns are illegal but stores still sell the bullets,lol…wait a second, it is like that,lol. Im not gunna lie, im all for the legalization of weed, why not? Its not a hardcore drug like pills, heroin, cocaine, meth, drugs that have real concern for when people take them, marijuana makes you chill out, it calms you, it temporarily makes you stupid but the only bad thing that came from smoking pot is a wicked case of the munchies,lmao. Alcohol, makes people unpredictable when drunk, alcohol, not against it but am only comparing, can make people violent, abusive, careless, reckless etc…and a whole bunch of other things, but marijuana doesnt make you do or act in any of these ways, all you wanna do when you smoke is sit on the couch, eat potatoe chips and watch cartoons, for the time being,lol….no harm done…..but alcohol is legal and marijuana isnt, another thing i dont get. Another example, what fatalities have you heard of from smoking weed?….none come to mind with me, but with other drugs so many different things can happen to you without you knowing, at any second…alcohol can destroy your kidneys, cocaine can give you unpredictable seizures, you can over dose on pain pills, heroin can kill you, meth can kill you, all these hard core drugs can have dramatic effects on you, but not one thing comes to mind when thinking of marijuana…there are no side effects, you dont overdose, it just warps your mind and consciousness for a little while, and then wares off, and yay, back to reality,lol….even caffeine, something most of us consume everyday in drinks and coffee, has had more reported deaths, more cases of fatalities, compared to marijuana’s big fat ‘ZERO’. If marijuana was legalized the country would make so much prophet, theyd make so much money, it would be just another source for money, bout noooo, the government acts like it is so tremendously wrong, like money isnt green or something, theyre missing out on so much cash, and maybe we wouldnt be in this economic slump if we had some back up resources for extra income, like selling cigarettes, liquor, beer, a candy bar, weed can be just another item in a gas station, a convenience store etc…..and when you really think about it, more people smoke weed now days than ive ever imagined, people you would never suspect smoke, so many people do it, everyones a hippy!lol. Its not as bad as you think…..its just a choice, just like its a choice to smoke cigarettes, to drink beer etc…but the one thing that the country cant do, if it doesnt become legalized, is to stop it for good, they just cant….someone will always find a person, a place, a time to buy and smoke weed, its like water, you cant get rid of it, its just here!lol. Trying to stop the source of weed is impossible, the authorities might as well try to arrest mother nature for possession cause marijuana is just a little plant, something that naturally grows, you cant prevent the inevitable outcome of nature, you cant prevent what naturally happens, nature takes its course and weed just happens to be a part of it….but all the other hardcore drugs ive mentioned are all synthetic, made up with harsh and dangerous chemicals, something that has a main source. So what do you guys think?
A: I think marijuana smokers wont read that. LEGALIZE IT!
Q: i have kerotoconus in both eyes wore piggy back contacts hard over soft for years had a cornea transplant in left eye 3 yrs ago healed and was fitted wit a contact for the trans eye wit a contact for astigmatism/. had neovascularization of my left cornea bout 5 mo,’s ago so took out every stitch which chanmged my RX for that eye an got a new lense fitted. i started smokin pot bout 3 years ago when an optom. told me that it does decrease corneal sensitivity hence why it was tolerable wearin the rgp over soft lenses when i smoked freq. but every now an then i run out or am broke for few days an durrin them few days it gets unbearable to wear the piggy back lenses in right eye again like before majorly and my left eye wit lense in goes all blurry as hell as if i got wrong RX in it. and when i get more pot an smoke couple times i seem to do better as time goes by say hourly. i aint making this upo either like some would say im a pothead lookin for a justified excuse, well yeah i am a pot head was one in my teens quit for 5 yrs to work railroad const. cuz of drug screens and when my KT got worse i started again and noticed awesome results in little time only they last as long as i smoke on a regular basis at least once a day usually i do my dose at night before bed also helps unwind and sleep too. now can i can an educated persons HONEST opinion on this link wit pot an keratoconus. i honestly am not making this up wat i concluded from usin pot wit KT…. most see that i used prior to bein diagnosed wit KT and they just assume im lookin for a free pass to smoke pot for kix. not true people so only doctors and people who are familiar with keratoconus respond. aint interested in the drugs are bad crap. p[ots not a drug. cocaine heroin and meth and pills are drugs. not pot. and FYI i graduated honor roll in my class so for those who think pot trashes ur life ur wrong i smoked almost daily all thruout high school…also some info i have read says that KT can lead to glaucoma esp in corneal transplant patients later afterward. could i maybe be experiencing symptoms of glaucoma and the pot keeps my pressure low enough in my eye to where it dont bother me til i dont smoke 4 a couple days. i also live in a state that does not have medicinal pot laws so my dr’s will not discuss it wit me due to legalities etc… i aint crazy nor am i high right now while typing this so i am totally aware of wat i am talking about. thank you in advance for who ever responds hopefully an eye dr who’s educated in keratoconus(KT) and is aware of effects of marijuana on the eyes in conjunction with kt possiblybasically i’m looking for a person who may be educated in the use of marijuana and of keratoconus and am lookin for as many educated opinions as i can. beins there is noone doing studies on KT and the effects that medical marijuana has on it. i knopw that it helps, myself. but wat does my word really count when being approached by someone who is not familiar wit kt or the effects marijuana has on it
A: Marijuana has been proven to relieve painful symptoms of cancer, depression, and eye problems. If you have been feeling better while when you smoke, and feel worse when you don’t, there is your answer.
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