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How much are flu shots at CVS

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I’m sorry, CVS does not list the price of their flu shot online. Is there something else ChaCha can help you with today? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-are-flu-shots-at-cvs ]
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How much is the flu shot at cvs?
Thanks everyone. Well I ended up going to wags, here is why. Cvs said they would not have them there till Oct 30th that was the next someone would be there next to give them out. So I didnt’ want to wait that long and went to Wags . They ch…
Is CVS offering flu shots this year?
“Yes, CVS is offering flus shots at several locations this year.” CVS Offering Flu Shot at Several Locations Last Update: 8/31 3:35 pm (WXYZ) – Beginning September 1 CVS and MinuteClinic will be offering seasonal flu shots without…
When will CVS offer their free flu shots?
“CVS and Walgreens are expected to start today giving free flu shots in some areas” CVS and Walgreens, the nation’s two largest drugstore chains, will soon offer millions of dollars of free seasonal flu shots to unemployed and uni…

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How much is a flu shot?
Q: at cvs CVS CVS
A: It varies all over the place. Whatever the price it should always be too expensive because more people will get the flu from the shot than from the disease itself.Please realize that so far this year, we are having less flu than in the last 2 years. The damage the flu shot does far outweighs any other reason to subject yourself to that poison. Most health officials are NOT getting the vaccine.Go to: www.marytocco.com and look at some facts about that garbage before you pollute your blood and open yourself up to all kinds of problems.good luck to you
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