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Is drinking coffee bad for your unborn baby

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A:Large amounts of caffeine which coffee contains, has been known to cause arrhythmias in unborn babies since it crosses the MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-drinking-coffee-bad-for-your-unborn-baby ]
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Is drinking coffee bad for your unborn baby
Large amounts of caffeine which coffee contains, has been known to cause arrhythmias in unborn babies since it crosses the MORE?
How many cups of coffee can a pregnant woman drink without harmin…?
I weaned myself off coffee the first 2 weeks I learned I was pregnant. Frankly, I felt so bad that coffee didn’t help and made it worse. Coffee/caffeine can cause miscarriage, so if you have to drink it, stick to one cup or less a day.

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how does caffiene affect your unborn baby?
Q: ok so this question has prob been asked a zillion times but i just want to be sure…i stopped drinking coffee when i realised i was preg at about 2-3wks, i work 5 days on my feet running round and could not function without my coffee so i checked out some pregnancy websites and from what i read the only affect caffiene has is it could possibly bring on a miscarriage.. so at about 6wks i started on 1 weak coffee eachday now at 12wks i have 1 normal strength perculated coffee every morning it has helped so much you wouldnt believe but i spoke to someone the other day and she was horrified i was drinking coffee at all saying i couldve caused malformations or serious problems and my baby will be addicted and now im scared is this true is caffiene that bad for an unborn baby, please give me some solid answers….
A: My doctor told me I could drink up to four cups of coffee a day and it would be fine, the only real side affects found to be proven were low birth weight. Don’t listen to people like that, I have a girl at my work who was mortified I was drinking a diet coke because of the caffeine and aspartame. Ridiculous. We all underestimate our bodies, you could be doing much much worst than caffeine. I am sure I will get thumbs down but I just think that all of the restrictions thrown out there are ridiculous. Some of course are obvious but seriously. Why don’t we all just lay in bed for 9 straight months hooked up to an IV that will give us the “perfect” nutrition we need and we can come out when we have the baby.
Ever find yourself very glad your no longer pregnant?
Q: When I was pregnant I was extremely neurotic, I was terrified of pretty much everything, we had a Measles outbreak as well as listeria and salmonella outbreaks all when I was pregnant, each seemed to carry a significant risk to my baby (birth defects, fetal death, stillborn etc) it seemed I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without putting my unborn baby at risk, now my son is 7 1/2 mths and while the risk is still greater for a baby as oppose to a healthy adult, it seems alot less worse, now there is swine flu going around as well as whopping cough and fifth disease where I am, and I keep thinking, ‘thank god, im no longer pregnant”, or if I go somewhere and they have sprayed pesticide or some other chemicals I dont have to freak out as much and think ive just brain damaged my child. Anyone else have these moments, even if it’s just enjoying coffee again after a long night, or having a drink once and while? you ever get that ‘ im so glad not to be pregnant’ feeling?Thank you ‘I love my jellybean’, im glad someone else see’s the fear in it,lolTara – thats sad, I can imagine how tough that was, best luckKY – LOL “now if I fall I pretty much have to crawl back into my house because no ones going to stand out in the cold with my son to help me”I do know that feeling, thanks for the laugh
A: In most ways I’m glad I’m not pregnant… I remember how great it felt after I had my son, I got home, went over to sit on the couch and didn’t have to lean back because there was a baby in my ribs, and I remember that felt wonderful. It was also so great to go to bed at night and lay on my belly, of course my comfort was short lived because my son woke up every hour for the first few months! Now I don’t have to freak out about what I eat, when I had my son there was alot of e-coli and stuff in food, so I was about half scared to eat… now I don’t worry about that as much, I still do with my son, but not so much with myself.But I miss being pregnant a little, My fiance was always so helpful, I remember we went to a mud sling, and sat on the back of his truck, and he actually picked me up and put me in the truck, and also picked me up and lowered me down, needless to say I haven’t been picked up since then, and if I want to jump out of a truck I have to do it myself 🙁 It was also icy, so my fiance would always hold my hand and point out the ice patches… now if I fall I pretty much have to crawl back into my house because no ones going to stand out in the cold with my son to help me!**haha, no problem! It’s sad but true!**
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