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What about citrus fruit

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Citrus fruits and grapes have vitamin C and will help relieve flu symptoms. Garlic is also great! Have a great night. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-about-citrus-fruit ]
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What about citrus fruit
Citrus fruits and grapes have vitamin C and will help relieve flu symptoms. Garlic is also great! Have a great night. ChaCha on!
What are citrus fruits?
Citrus fruits are considered oranges, lemons and limes. There are several variations including grapefruit and nectarines. Citrus fruits tend to be sour.
Is a pineapple a citrus fruit?
Pineapple is a fruit, but it is not a citrus fruit. Citrus fruits belong to the family Rutaceae. Pineapple, however, are of the family Bromeliaceae. One of the main differences between the two is that citrus trees bear fruit from their bran…

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What causes beginning citrus fruit to drop?
Q: Appreciate answers to what causes beginning small green Citrus (Oranges) fruit in outside patio to drop and not set so they will continue to become regular size oranges. I water and fertilize the trees. Have three. One had about 100 small starting oranges but they aLL droped off. From the two larger trees, only have one tree with two oranges on it and the other tree has only one orange.Thank you / Valerie
A: Citrus fruit drop is a normal part of the fruiting process. They typically have three drop periods — 70/80 percent of the blooms, the small fruit a few weeks later, and golf-ball sized fruit drop as they get larger. If these are younger trees, you might be able to help maturation by forcing the fruit off your trees manually (ie pick off the small fruit). This will give the tree more energy to devote to the remaining fruit. In general, if you want more/bigger fruit, it helps to thin out your blossoms/fruit — especially on younger trees.
What makes citrus fruit whither up when they are half-grown?
Q: I have a dwarf lemon tree in a large pot on the patio, I kept it watered well this summer, excited to watch the four lemons developing. But now it looks like they are drying up. They are about the size of ping-pong balls.
A: Sounds like a lime tree to me. If it is they won’t grow bigger than that. If it is a lemon tree, I found refreshing the soil with fertilizer works well. Sometimes one batch might not be so good , but the next time around they are better.
I bought some citrus fruit tree, are they difficult to taking care of?
Q: I bought some pomegranate tree, Meyer Lemon tree, lime tree, and orange tree.Since they are dwarf tress, so I am planning to keep them indoor during the winter. ( I lived in New England)Are they difficult to taking care of? They are coming as 1/yr old tree. What should I be careful about?thank you,
A: Not really difficult but I would suggest going to websites for care of each type tree since they all have their own “wants and needs”. Overwatering is the biggest problem. Citrus trees need to dry out after watering. Test by sticking your finger down into the dirt about 2 to 3″. If it is dry, it is time to water. Growing plants that are not “native” to your area is fun and instructive. I grow citrus and Plumerias in Arkansas.
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