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What is a good way to instantly clear you nose

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Take a Steamy Shower Steamy showers moisturize your nasal passages and relax you. If you’re dizzy from the flu, run a steamy shower while you sit on a chair nearby and take a sponge bath. Use a Salve Under Your Nose A small dab of mentholated salve [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-way-to-instantly-clear-you-nose ]
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What is a good way to instantly clear you nose
Take a Steamy Shower Steamy showers moisturize your nasal passages and relax you. If you’re dizzy from the flu, run a steamy shower while you sit on a chair nearby and take a sponge bath. Use a Salve Under Your Nose A small dab of mentholat…

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Q: No Joking Or Stealing PleaseChapter One | BabysitI didn’t wake up to the usual morning sunlight I always wake up to. Instead, I woke up to a dull faint light coming in from the outside. I sat up and looked around, I didn’t know why but I did. My nose was stuffy and my head ached with a sudden rage. Today was not my day, I could feel it.I could smell the aroma of freshly baked pancakes as I walked downstairs for breakfast. My brother, Tim, and dad were watching their usual football re-runs in the living room. I saw my mom pouring some pancake syrup onto some already made stack of pancakes as I walked into the kitchen. She handed them to me as I passed by her with my back hunched and a faint smile.”Whats the matter?” she asked. My mom was always so perky and eager, sometimes it sickened me. “You should not be in a grumpy mood miss.”I dug the fork deep into the pancakes, “Mom. Please not now.” I lifted the fork with the syrup pancakes attached to the end of it and took a big bite. It tasted so good I could swear it took me to some mystical island for a second and then back to the same boring reality of mine.”I’m serious. Today you are finally going to see Cassidy,” my mom said. Cassidy was my one year old niece and I had volunteered to babysit her today as my Aunt Triz and Uncle Deam went on a date. A decision I would soon regret.”Are you ready?,” came a deep voice from behind me, my dad. His mustache curved upwards as he smiled at me. He walked over and kissed me on the forehead, I made sure not to complain about how uncomfortable his mustache felt as he did so. “Let me just get ready and pack up,” I smiled at him as he stared down on me. He walked over to my mom giving her a slight kiss on the check. “Get a room,” I muttered under my breath.The car windows were rolled up. The skies were colored gris, I sat silent on the passenger’s side starring at my reflection in the window. Drops of rain landed on the window making me unable to see my reflection sometimes but then they would roll down and clear the way.”Sorry,” my dad’s voice souded regretful. I had no clue why he would be saying sorry. “For what?” I said keeping my eyes on my reflection’s.”For leaving you in the middle of nowhere like this,”I turned my head meeting my dad’s light brown eyes instantly. “It was my choice and it still is,” I said, not knowing what was to come. There was a long pause and then my dad said, “But you know what to do if things get crazy.” I giggled before saying, “Call 9-1-1 and then you.” He nodded with a smile, his mustache curving upwards again.”We’re here,” my dad said. I looked straight ahead and could see a big, enormous house in the distance. I hadn’t noticed the fog that was now circling the car and everything in the distance, including the house. The fog wasn’t thick, though it soon would be.As we approached the house my stomache ached with nerves and my head felt like a thousand pounds. Reality was sinking in and I wasn’t liking the feeling of it. Me, a sixteen year old who doesn’t even know how to take care of herself, and Cassidy, a one year old baby, alone in the middle of nowhere. With me left to fend for us both if anything bad or tragic would happen. The blame would be on me, the fault would be mine if anything bad was to happen. I gasped for air as I felt my lungs at the point of bursting.I looked at my dad who was looking at me oddly and then said, “Is something wrong.” My mind was racing searching for an anwser, “No. Nothing. I’m just random like that,” I lied.
A: You use of “I” gets repetitive, try to work around some of them.
What do you think of my story?
Q: I’m trying to write a novel and I want to make sure it’s good before I show it to anyone. At the bottom I have some misc. items that will fit into the story later. It’s long so don’t read the entire thing, I just want to know if my actual writing is. Keep in mind I’m only 13.I was jolted awake as my skull crashed against the dirty window. “Ow!” Moaning, I rubbed my head while the bus jumped along the unpaved road. Beside me, my best friend was shaking, and I turned, catching him in mid-giggle. I stuck my tongue out.“Very mature, East,” Jack commented.“Oh shut up, your one to talk,” I tugged one of his ebony ringlets, finally releasing the lock for a satisfying boing. Jack and I went way back. When I was little, I became his self appointed “protector,” after I found him on the playground one day being picked on by the class bullies. He was the perfect target, small and skimpy, and his pure white skin always brought on taunting. As he grew in years though, what he had previously been picked on for began to earn him scores with the “uppers.” He moved from the bottom all the way to the tip of the food chain, with moi of course. He became famous for his refusal to have a girlfriend, something I never understood, but I followed in his footsteps, mostly due to him specifically asking me to. He was different than other boys though, and you weren’t able to see that from the outside.“How long’ve I been sleeping?” I asked.“Eh,” bringing out a golden timepiece, he checked. “You’ve been out about an hour. We’ll be there pretty soon.”“Hmm…” I snatched the watch. “You still got this old thing? What’s the matter with watches from the past hundred years?”I held it away as he made a grab toward it. “It’s an antique, show some respect.”A sharp comeback hovered on the tip of my tongue, when a flash of blue caught my eye. “Oh my God, oh my God!” Instantly on my knees, nose pressed to the glass, I stared at the great expanse of water before me. Waves crashed against craggy rocks, seagull’s wings clipped the surf, the surface danced with sun rays. The sea.I started as hand came to rest on my shoulder. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” Jack’s voice held an awe in which I had never heard from him. I could only nod.How my legs yearned to run, frolicking in the mist from the break. To balance on the precarious rocks. To stare to the deep blue below. To take a running leap into the waves, and finally I might belong. I could be home.The last thought surprised me, but as I pondered it, I realized that had always searched for that place I would fit in, equivalent to those around. It was not as if my family did not love me, but abandoned on their doorstep as an infant, they had no choice but to take me in. I felt like an outsider, even in my own house. I knew that put in a situation to choose between me or another child, my sibling would be chosen, no hesitation.Sighing, I settled back into the bus seat as the ocean disappeared around a curve. This is your life, be thankful for what you have. But deep down, my heart could not accept it.Three hours later, I gasped for air in the clouded blacksmith shop. Smoke raced down my throat, and I coughed trying to clear my lungs. Ms. Griffith, drawling on about importance of blacksmithing in the 1600’s, ignored me until my violent hacking began to drown out her lecture. “Ms. Anderson, do you need to step outside?” she asked sharply. Nodding, for that was all I was capable of, I hurried out into the sunshine. Forcing as much air as I could down, my coughing began to subside. The door creaked and Jack emerged, dropping his inhaler into a pocket as he came to stand beside me. “It’s a nice day,” he commented. “To bad we’re stuck inside.” He gave me one of his infamous, evil grins.I raised an eyebrow, “What is it this time? I got detention for a month last time I saw that smile.” He convinced me to raise a lit match to a fire detector in school and the entire lunchroom was soaked by the ceiling sprinklers. “I was just thinking about how much you wanted to see the ocean. You don’t think they’d notice if we left do you?” I gaped at him. I’d never dreamed he would do that, even with his reputation . . . but yet I did want to get another look at the ocean.“Oh come on,” he grabbed my hand. “Relax, I got something to show you.”“Chocolate with sprinkles, please. Oh wait no the rainbow ones.” Behind the counter the lady grumbled. “Well what do you expect?” I asked. “Chocolate sprinkles on chocolate ice cream? Boring!” I received an exasperated look as she handed me the cone. “Ooh tough crowd,” I murmured to Jack.He sniggered. “Well your tough to please.”“Well I’m friends with you aren’t I?” I shot back as we stepped out of the shop and into the sunshine.“That hurts, East. It really does.”“Oh you’ll get over it.” I caught a drop of ice cream on the tip of my tongue as it slid down th
A: It is very good, I am fourteen and currently also trying to write a book and get published. I would suggest that you not put your work online from now on since if you do plan on getting published, publishers now look online to ensure that their clients don’t have future work online because then it isn’t really like a new idea. Do you get my drift?I would also suggest that even though you are thirteen, age doesn’t matter. What matter’s is how well written your book is. When you send in your book or manuscript, you don’t say how old you are. All that matters is you focus on making your story the best it can possibly be. also I would suggest that you make sure you actually finish. Most writers plan on getting published but the biggest block is actually finishing your work
caring for 3 rats, 2 who are potentially sick with not a lot of help from vets…?
Q: so after getting wonderful help from all the lovely yahoo community people, i have new questions. again, i’ll explain that these rats are not just animals to me but beloved pets for those of you who think i’m crazy. (i have 3 rats that i bought from petsmart, probably my first mistake…petsmart…) two of my rats developed heavy sneezing, spewing, crying, miserable noises with porphorin on their noses. (both are dumbo, one has been with me for two weeks now and the other for a week..my fancy rat is doing fine and minding her own business.) one of them bit me when i tried to take her to the vet and the other one just wanted to be held. i switched to eco bedding from carefresh, granted i couldn’t take them out of the cage cause they all had enough of me and my help. the sneezing died down, the crying and miserable noise also went away instantly. they were back to playing, jumping around and running through the bedding or burying themselves in and popping back up. can someone, without linking me to another web answer me out of their own experience? 1) my rat started clicking and her nose rythmically moved up and down with her clicking when i opened the cage and she came to me…is that bad or good? her red nose has died down a LOT. practically clear again. (i’m hoping that’s also a good thing, but she’s still sneezing occasionally)2) my alpha rat who bit me and threw a bloody fit had a flared open red nose monday and although it has died down a lot and her nose is no longer flared open, seems to have wet eyes….i can’t get anywhere near her and don’t know what to do…any suggestions? 3) has anyone tried dark chocolate for treats to help their respiratory condition and have you tried echinacea in the water? (things i’ve heard while researching) 4) vets aren’t being very helpful around here, is there any way i can try to treat mycoplasma at home? that is, it sounds like they have mycoplasma but i’m no dr. i just want the best for them and i’m hoping some very nice rat enthusiast will help me out. 🙂 thanks in advanced!
A: If there is NO way to find another vet, and you really should try, there are various general antibiotics you can give a try. Your first try should be tetracycline, which you can find in the fish section probably in tablet form. You can mix some in the drinking water and it should be given to all of the rats, not just the ones that seem bad. Cover the bottle, because tetracycline and it’s other forms are light sensitive. If it’s in capsule form, mix 500 mg of the powder from inside into each liter of water. If it’s in powder form, use 1/2 to 1 tsp per 8 oz of water and change it each day.Everyone is going to tell you to find a better vet because it’s the best way to help your rats. They can prescribe better or more specific medications, since it’s what they do. All we can do is guess for you. Tetracycline is just a general antibiotic that may be effective against myco, but it should not replace a good vet visit.
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