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What is it called when your heart skips beats

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A:An arrhythmia can mean that your heart beats irregularly (skips a beat or has an extra beat). Enjoy your day with ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-it-called-when-your-heart-skips-beats ]
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What Is it Called When Your Heart Skips a Beat?
・ According to the Mayo Clinic, heart palpitations are feelings of fast heartbeats, skipped heartbeats… ・ The feeling of your heart beating too fast is a common symptom for a heart palpitation. Also, a heavy… ・ Palpitations can occur fo…
Why does my heart skip beats?
There are many different reasons why your heart would skip a beat. Your heart has an electrical current that runs through your heart to pump it, like a pace maker. If the electrical current does not send it fast enough or if it sends it to …
Does your heart skip a beat when you sneeze?
no but something in my chest cracks. i don’t know what it is but it makes me feel better. and i suffer from anxiety attacks. but my heart feels like it skips beats when i could be doing nothing. it scares me alot.

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what is it called when your heart skips a beat and you feel extreme pain?
Q: my heart hurts and feel dizzy , i’m not fat i exercise every day. i don’t eat junk food or fast food i have a diet . i drink only water, never any energy drinks. i’m 15 years old. i’m on the varsity wrestling team. i’m in good shape. whats wrong with my heart, why does it hurt so bad.
A: i believe it’s called cardiac arrythmia. you should see a doctor if you have chest pain. it might just be heartburn.
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Can your heart really skip beats?
Q: What is it called when you have a hole in your heart and is it some type of disease? Is it genetic? Are there any solutions to this problem?
A: Yes. A skipped beat is sometimes called a “preliminary ventricular contraction” and most are harmless; everyone gets them. If you feel lots of them (episodes of 10 or more in a minute), you need to see a cardiologist. Get an EKG and have them put a “Holter Monitor” on you for a day or two.A hole in your heart is a defect that can be fixed nowadays by laproscopic surgery. Some heart problems are genetic and some aren’t. I had an infection that invaded my heart and now I need a transplant. I’m still alive, happy, and healthy (surfing and bicycling).If your heart skips and it scares you, go see your doctor. NOW.
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