Any one with the VNS??

Q:I have the VNS, and I have been experiencing some ear pain in my left ear, only every now and again. But then it’s like both ears are constantly plugged—->more so my left then my right. Has any one else experienced any thing like this?? I’ve used q-tips, ear candles, and a couple of other methods to try and remove wax, but nothing is helping. People are actually shocked when I’m having to read lips, or when I constantly ask ‘what’. I have an app. to see a hearing specialist. But my dr. says it could be from my VNS..
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I also have a VNS implant. The answer kansas 8099 is the right answer IF it is the implant he describes. In any case, you can put a little peroxide in an ear dropper and put several drops into each ear. You will hear a fizzing sound like an Alika Seltzer dissolving. I assume it is the peroxide loosening up or sort of dissolving the wax. Clean up with q-tips etc. Baby Oil drop warm and plug ,great result , open let wax came out.
VNS as is “vagal nerve stimulator”? or is it an acronym for something else?I would say to not continue to try ear wax removal techniques until you know for certain that is actually is (or isn’t) wax related. Ears are self cleaning and often times people will make the situation worse by overdoing treatments. if it IS the vagal nerve stimulator, the frequency can be adjusted.speak to the doctor that did your surgery and see if this is a possible sign that it needs adjustment.
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