Crohn’s Disease – Ileostomy question?

Q:My husband had surgery last year and is now living with an ileostomy. It’s actually given him more of a life and we’re happy about it but during the summer months he gets extremely bad heat blisters around the area of the bag. Does anyone have this problem and suggestions on how to help relieve some of the discomfort of them?
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kyra powder works good…i would get a hold of stoma nurse…it is trial and error…..
Try powdering the area before applying the new bag, and make sure he is using the skin protectant before the adhesive. Those should both help prevent the heat blisters and soothe the irritation from the ones he already has. my baby has an ileostomy. I use cavlon sticks. Cavlon is like a second skin and helps prevent irritation. If the area begins to look sore then I apply the powder the stoma nurse gave me. Have you mentioned this to his stoma nurse?It could be the actual bag he has a reaction to. There are many many types of bag to chose from. We went through about 20 before finding one we liked. Go for one with a mesh cover on the back to help absorb sweat.
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