Dear fellows: I’m having diarrhoea for the past 4 days non stop. Please give me some advise. thanks?

Q:It started with strong abdominal pains followed by continuous trips to the toilet. very smelly and mainly water flushes. I also feel very dehydrated. I had lots of water. Don’t know what to eat. feel very fragile and worn out. please help. all the best. thanks. antonio overandout.
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Drink that crap for babies, I think it’s called pedialite. Then call your sawbones and tell him you gotta go see him asap
quit eatin taco bell everyday
Call 911!
sounds serious-you could wind up in hospital-I did for the same symptoms 9 years ago; go to your Dr. or the emergency room, they will start you on the road to feeling well again-go now.
go to the doctor
Stop eating, & sip somthing easy on your stomach,( chicken soup, 7-up, etc),
The BRAT diet is for YOUB BananaR RiceA AppleT ToastAlso try medication: Immodium AD (IT WORKS)
my fiance just went through this.#1 – go to the hospital and see a doctor right away!#2 – jump onto a clear liquid diet for a day or so and then switch over to the BRAT diet (some solid food), that will help with the do but of course, do whatever your doc tells you to.the BRAT diet will help with the diarrhea and dehydration you are experiencing. luck and I hope you get better soon.—Why Are Clear Liquids Recommended For Intestinal Illness?A clear liquid diet is important in some cases of diarrhea and vomiting for several reasons: Many infections damage your intestinal cells which absorb food, so you won’t absorb solids, proteins, or fats very well. Eating these foods can worsen or prolong your vomiting and diarrhea. But sugar and water (the main components of a clear liquid diet) are still absorbed well in most intestinal illnesses. The calories and water are needed. Taking nothing by mouth at all to stop vomiting or diarrhea is a mistake. Dehydration and lack of carbohydrates (in this case, sugar) slow your intestine’s recovery. Plain water is better for you than nothing, but sugared liquids are preferred because they provide food energy. Sugared clear liquids and syrups have a soothing effect in vomiting for reasons we don’t completely understand. Some effective anti-vomiting medicines (such as Emetrol) are based on this effect. Clear Liquid Advice For DiarrheaFor severe diarrhea you should drink as much clear liquid as possible, including small amounts of the salted ones like bullion; 3-4 quarts per day for an adult is not too much. The goals are to prevent dehydration, allow the intestines to recover, and provide food energy for healing and other basic functions.
Really should see a dr. Get Well Soon.
you need a medicine called immodium AD. This will stop the diarrea for a short period and allow your body to recoup. If it doesn’t work you should see a doctor!
ok,call your doctor and tell him everything.Keep drinking water.You are losing not only fluids but electrolytes. If you don’t have a doctor, call someone to take you to the er.
Could be food poisoning. You really need to go to the doctor! They might want to put you in the hospital.
Eat bananas and chicken broth or soup. Don’t eat fatty food. It will make you worse. Drink medicine called pedialite. Really good helper for diarrhea.
Take PRODOM. One pill is enough. Do not be surprised if you stop going the toilet for a week long.!
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