Do you get tested for STDs when your pregant?

Q:Do you get tested for STDs when your pregant?
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they check you for every disease but they ask you if you wanna get tested for hiv, which you can decline
Yep and if you get regular prenatal care you will routinely get tested for a number of STD’s.
Prenatal testing for STDs is routine. Source(s):I’m a nurse.
you should cuz i got an std and im pregnant
Routine prenatal care includes checking the mother for STDs in most states Source(s):I’m a nurse
I think I did.The doctor did a bunch of test on my first visit. I think one of them is for std.
This is one of the things that should be checked at your very first ob/gyn check, including an HIV test. Yes – I think this is standard. They check for HIV and all other STDs. They need to know so they can deterimine if anything special arrangements need to be made during the pregnancy and birth.
erm. yeah. you still have saliva when you’re pregnant don’t you? o_O
Yes, it’s standard protocol. They test for STDs on your first visit.
yes to make sure that ur baby doesnt have one if u do. why, are u worried? Source(s):mom
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