For all you men out there I need help!?

Q:Do Men have orgasams, What can i do for my boyfriend so has one. How do i know if hes having one or had one.
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Does your mummy know you’r playing on here !
Ask your boyfriend. If you are not mature enough to discuss sex with your partner, you are not mature enough to be having sex with your partner.
Have another woman show you how it’s done. It may take a few months, but be sure to take notes and pictures for future reference. Let us know what happens. We care.
Give him a **** or have sex with your dad
how old are you? well whatever.. OK when he is getting an orgasm, its when he ejaculates.. yup. how you will know is when you see thick white/ creamish colour fluid coming out of his penis.. yup.cheers.
ye yes yes!
Unlike you females, men cannot hide the fact that he has had one. Give him a good B.J. and the proof will be right under your nose.
When a guy bust a nut it’s an orgasm!
Do you where babies come from?heres a lesson for you it’s NOT the Stork.When he ejaculates and his seemen comes out that his an Orgasm and it’s GREAT
The interesting thing about all this is that the male orgasm is EXTERNAL, and so it is so easy to know if the male has orgasmed or not; just look for the ejaculate! It’s not like us women who’s orgasms are (mostly) invisible (i.e. without a physical trace) and mostly internal.Look it up!
I find it rather difficult to fathom this question is not a joke.Yes men have orgasms and it’s pretty difficult for a man to hide the fact that one has ocurred.It is accompanied by an intense lumbar reflex and produces a rather copious secretion known as an ‘ejaculate’.
yes you do need HELP
ladies is orgasam and genses is called libido as I have known. The symbol of Libido is ejaculation of semen.
No men don’t have orgasms, so there is nothing you can do. I think if your bf hasn’t had one, maybe you are too girly for him and you should strap one on and give him a good seeing to.Sorry but ask a silly question ….
when you get a sticky goo on you.then he is having one
.. ¬_¬Yes. yes we do.Typically just the one though. Typically apparent due to the fact that the man-parts eject spunk. y’know? Other signs can be rapid dilation of the eyes, shaking, tensing of the entire body / back.Also watch out for the rapid growth of wings and a tail. and possibly a proboscis. and the skin turning green with purple spots.
you’ll know when he’s ***..there’s that horrible white stuff..
give him a *low job. that will do.
You must be joking. If you want a second opinion go with someone else and see if they react differently when hitting the vinegar stroke.
If you don’t know when your bf’s had an orgasm, maybe you should consider that you are too young to be having sex as you do not seem to understand the dynamics of it
You will know when he has a orgasam, because he will shoot his load all over the place. And yea all guys have Orgasams too.
Pay more attention in biology lessons.
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