For the last year, i have been reading and learning about the avian flu (bird flu). The experts are comparing?

Q:the bird flu to the deadly flu that took 4o million lives in 1918, saying we can expect a even more deadly virus in bird flu. Historic records tell us if a person felt ill in the morning,they were dead by that evening.What could be more deadly than that? Yet with all the knowledge we have access to today, many people in my community havent heard of the bird flu, and have no idea what a pandemic preparedness plan is. lets say this pandemic starts next week (experts feel the mirgratory birds will bring the bird flu to US in December.) EVERY virus on earth has learned how to jump speices making human to human transmission a reality. The center of disease control and the world health organization says, “its not IF the bird flu will arrive, its WHEN’. Knowing how deadly this flu is,i have been preparing to be able to isolate my family for months, Does anyone else take this bird flu threat seriously, and what are you doing now to prepare?
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Nope, haven’t really thought about it. I suppose I would worry more about it and it’s potential for mass infection if I knew where it is now, and if it was killing millions now. I’m afraid that hearing that millions may be killed by the avian flu on the evening news doesn’t carry as much validity to the actual problem since the evening news is constantly saying that every virus, chemical, weather pattern, or fast food restaurant food is also going to kill millions. I do know that drug research companies are working on a cure or vaccines to combat the avian flu, but I do not think there is a specific drug answer yet.
the bird flu is for some to get rich and for stupid to get agitated. it is very very rare than virus jumps species, and it is only in poor countries where people have no hygiene and work too close with birds and do not change clothes and wash hands after – virus has to get inside the humans body and start developing there for some reason or the other, otherwise animals virus just cease to exist in human body cos human cells re not fitted for that virus existence. but of course, u re american, u like being excited and agitated. did u make a bomb shelter as well? the threat to die from nuclear explosion is much higher. do u go outside at all? cos u might as well die from the brick falling down from a building. it is rare, but it happens. and it was not birds flu which killed people in 1918. it was just influenza. thou i don’t remember it had some special name. but not bird flu.
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