Has anyone every had an hemangioma birthmark removed?

Q:I have had this birthmark on my forehead my whole life and want to get it removed and I was wondering if anyone knows if it hurts, or how much it cost or anything? any info would be welcome.
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<>Here are some varied reference readings on the subject:http://www.blemish-be-gone.com/birthmark.http://health.learninginfo.org/laser-bir.http://www.cosmeticsurgery.com/research/.
Sometimes they can fade they a lot with laser treatments. It all depends on the veins in the hemangioma. HemangiomasHemangiomas are benign proliferations of blood vessels occurring in 10-12% of all children by age 1 year. Only one third of hemangiomas are present at birth, and most are solitary lesions that occur on the head or neck. They typically undergo a rapid growth phase before involuting after an undetermined amount of time. Although some involution usually begins by the end of the first year, many hemangiomas do not completely involute until the child is aged 10-12 years.Associated complications include ulceration, bleeding, infection, and scarring. Ulcerated hemangiomas can be very painful and usually occur in association with rapidly proliferating lesions. Rapidly proliferating hemangiomas of the face are particularly concerning because they may compromise vital structures or obscure vision. Hemangiomas have been successfully treated with lasers (ie, CW, PDL), excisional surgery, systemic corticosteroids, interferon, imiquimod, and cryosurgery.
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