Have 46 yr old brother who is severe alcoholic, despite 2-3 lengthy treatment programs. He can't take a job.

Q:He has stayed w/ my spouse, 18 yr old son on and off for past 20 yrs. Has been through 2 60 day treatment programs this year alone. Has worked on getting a a “good” job for over 2 mos. When he finally gets it, he relapses and screws it up. Our father, as well as his sponsor at AA both think he needs to be commited for at least 6 mos to a year. After a 6 day binge, he is willing to seek add’l help, but problem seems to always come up after he spends 2 mos. trying to get a job that once he gets it, he starts a binge, which is precisely what just happened. My husband no longer wants him to stay w/ us, he has no home, needs further treatment. I have researched what it takes to commit someone, but since he is willing to go for treatment, not an issue. Our dad thinks we can commit him and then we be the one to judge when he can be released. I have been his #1 enabler, but NO MORE. How to explain to dad this is not how commitment works? Can print out variety of research. HELP PLEASE!!
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I don’t really understand your question, but yes he should be commited for at least 6 months, and since he is willing it shouldnt be a problem.
Since alocoholism/drug addiction is a disease, it’s important to treat it like one! I “played” around for years before getting serious with my own addiction…i lost a great job and consequently couldn’t hold a job…i lost two very close friends and a relationship over my disease…i started having multiple car accidents and i couldn’t remember things i’d done…my situation had to get VERY bad and i lost more than i could ever have imagined…i was so anxiety-ridden, humiliated and fearful…from my own experience, it took consistency on a daily basis and a sponsor who wouldn’t put up with my excuses…he holds me accountable daily for my decision to stay sober…he knows what it takes because he’s been exactly where i’ve been…recovery isn’t a hobby…looking back, i’m grateful for the stance my parents, siblings, employers and friends took because i was so self-centered and lazy…i never thought i’d be cut-off financially without a car or job…i use to be afraid of being evicted from my apt after losing my job…my sponsor always told me that The Salvation Army would take me but i’d have to GET A JOB to stay there…that scared the **** out of me because i knew that either way i was going to have to work…the only way i’d work is to stay sober…i’m sorry to ramble but i just want you to know that it has taken the loving support of others to help me get sober…now it’s my turn to carry the message to someone else who is struggling with addiction…it’s my insurance that i don’t forget what it was like…we help each other…it’s truly awesome!!! i support you & your father’s decision and know it’s a very difficult time…if you’d like, run a Google search for drug addiction treatment…there is so much hopeful information out there…i wish your family only the very best over the coming months!Peace, Johno
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