help now!!?

Q:ok after eating 27 big hot dogs my friend got sike. We took him to the hospital an dthey said he was fine. But when we got home he turned like really dark yellow but he didnt trow up or any thing. Dose have food poisening abnnd should we take him to the hopital again?
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Take him to the hospital- Dark yellow is *NOT* a good human color!
Take Better to be safe than sorry..and no more training for the hot dog eating contest!
Sounds like his liver was overburdened by all of the fat and protein inside 27 hotdogs! that certainly wasnt a wise thing to do.Your friend should have his liver enzymes checked,and if all is okay a cleansing diet to give the liver a chance to repair is in order.
maybe your sick too, because your spelling is making me sick, and i think i might trow up.
Give him lots of cold water, and if it doesn’t improve his color within an hour, call 9-1-1 and have them look at him.
Go back to the hospital! Really dark yellow is not good.
You are kidding ha ha..
take him to a different hospital and how about trying to keep him away from the hot dogs. hello they are nothing but the left over crap that falls on the floor. he is probably just sick from eating to much.
if the dude is yellow he’s got some problems I would take him back to the hospital.maybe a different hospital really dark yellow sounds like jaundice, where the liver quits working the way it should. they may want to check his blood.
I hope people don’t start using Answer during emergancies. “My friend is choking, what should I do?” *sits there waiting for a reply**gets a reply, but its a sarcastic remark**another reply that says pray and has a link to some church**more remarks where people fight about politics**someone blames Bush for choking, then someone replies that it was really Clintons fault*This could be a problem. Take him back to the hospital.
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