How bizzar?

Q:How bizzar?
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its quite bazarre we have a question as bazarre as this.. how bazarre
How wankey is your question?
I dont speak german sorry! sent
“How bizzare, how bizzare”. Who sung that? Cant remember now!
There was a tornado that completely destroyed a house in the Midwest–after it was over a boy fell right on his feet from the sky stark naked except his boots. He hit the ground running. A bit later the front door to his home came slowly down from the sky and lit right where it was supposed to be, except no house.
how bizzar indeed that you can’t actually spell bizarre.
At least as bizzar as the way you spell bizarre
What your spelling?
whats the question? And by the way.its spelled BIZZARE.try spellcheck..thats what its there for
No offense, but this question is so vague I don’t know WHAT is supposed to be bizarre. Sorry.
Nice to see yet another intellectual on Yahoo Answers.
Hope it doesn’t affect your ability to spell! Oh dear!
is this a trick question..
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