How do i get rid of head lice?

Q:How do i get rid of head lice?
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Go to the drug store and buy head lice treatment. Use as directed.
there are some lice shampoos that they sell in drugstores and dollar stores.theyre pretty cheap
You can either go to the drugstore and buy a product like Rid or Nix or just slather your entire hair THICKLY with mayo, wrap it in a plastic shower cap (or Saran wrap) and hang out for a couple hours. That’ll suffocate the little buggers.BUT, whichever method you choose – you MUST, I repeat MUST, use a fine-toothed comb to get rid of all the dead bugs, their eggs (called nits) and any living ones left. If you even leave one in your hair, you’ve gotta do this all over again. They’ll look like little bits of sand, but they’ll be stuck to your hair – it’s going to take a while to get them all out, but you’ve got to.Another thing to do – wash any bedding and clothing in the hottest water allowed for the fabric, put and combs and brushes in a solution of the shampoo, and then wash them in hot water. Vaccum all your furniture and even the car seats too. Put any stuffed animals and hats in a sealed plastic bag for a week, then vaccum them.Good luck!
Without major chemical smells you can try a lice comb and condtioner and comb for hours!Or try using a TEA TREE shampoo and conditioner, (Paul Mitchell have a great one) as the lice don’t like it! Or go to a chemist they with have the chemical solutions you could try but many of the lice have now become immune to them!
All you have to do is make an appointment with your doctor and he/she will prescribe you with some shampoo that you will use for like a week or so. Or just by a shampoo that will help dandrift, like head and shoulders or selsun blue.
Good Luck! My partners daughter has head lice for over 3 years! She has her head treated at least twice a week as well as having all the bedding, brushes etc done. The most effective treatment that we have found are the Moov solutions from most chemists. It is made with Tea Tree Oil. Wash all bedding with a few drops of TT Oil in the water too.
with the proper treatment. you can get it anywhere, just about..its just special shampoo and conditioner..
There are several over-the-counter remedies that you can buy. If you cannot afford them, you can coat the hair in Vaseline and cover with a shower cap. Then in the morning shampoo the heck out of it to get the vaseline out. I would also launder any bedding, clothes, etc. I have a girlfriend, whose daugther seems to get these little buggers every year and this is how she gets rid of them.. Good luck!
Our family has used Nix. It really helps but may have to be repeated. Also our pedestrian suggested apply margarine, or butter to the head and combing them out. I found using both most affective. Do the margin treatment and comb out as many as possible then use the Nix.
Lice shampoo from the store should work, but only if you get all the nits out first, with a comb and taking the eggs of your hair strands manually, one by one!
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