How long can you suffer from hypoglycemia before turning into diabetes?

Q:How long can you suffer from hypoglycemia before turning into diabetes?
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Frequent micturation is not the only sign of Diabetes. You should do some investigation to exclude Diabetes. F.B.S, Blood sugar 2 hours after breakfast.
It may never turn into diabetes. But it well may if you become obese, which is now defined as being 30 lbs. overweight.
If you keep your sugar level under control with diet and exercise, hypoglycemia may not ever turn into diabetes. I had hypoglycemia for about 25 years. When my sugar level started rising, I knew that I had to be careful or I would end up as a diabetic like my mother. For the last two years, I have been able to keep my sugar level in the normal range. My doctor said just to keep doing what I was doing.
OK hypoglycemia is not diabetes it is a condition where your body makes too much insulin but you do not have it when a diabetic because of rebounding that is why it is often confused. No guarantee you will not get diabetes. I had gestational diabetes while pregnant and was told flat out loose weight eat right and exercise or you will be a diabetic within 5 years. I went to a dietitian which you should be seeing to control your hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia’s treatment is different from a diabetic. They sit down and help you figure out what and when to eat and give you a schedule which helps controll your sugar. I felt so much better I lost over 60 pounds and exercised. I have gain back some 10 and gotten lazy but I am starting back on the horse again I never felt worse then when my sugar was messed up. Get your diet and exercise plan from a professional and you could avoid diabetes. There is a study to see if you have the antibody that causes it go to the American diabetes foundation and look up studies for antibodies it is free and can help you. I know a lot about hypoglycemia because my girlfriends have it and I did lots of research because they treated there condition different from my son and yes I thought they were wrong so I checked. Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)What is the Definition of Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)?Description of Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)Causes of Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)Symptoms of Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)Diagnosis of Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)Treatment for Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)What Questions to ask Your Doctor About Hypoglycemia (Non-Diabetic)?For the information above just click on the link?
are you sure you mean hypoglycemia and not HYPER glycemia? Hypo will likely never “turn” into diabetes!
How was the hypoglycemia determined…by symptom only or by lab tests. Polydipsia (drinking a lot of liquids) can be related to diabetes or also from habit, so the frequency of micturation (urination) will be linked and is not a symptom as such but only suggestive of early diabetes. You should have a clinical work-up to determine your status and if medication and blood or urine sugar levels need to be checked to monitor you, then begin as soon as possible. Diabetes is a serious condition that can be managed…if you are aware of how to take care of yourself. See a physician and don’t leave his office until you are quite clear about everything. If it turns out that you are a diabetic, there are many support groups.
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