How to get rid of white pimples?

Q:i have been having problems with white pimples for years, how can i get rid of them? PLEASE HELP ME!!
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try benzamycin or gentamicin or see dermatologist
you should go to the dermatologist buy some pimple removing cream or use some cucumber! ??
pro active over and over again $$$$ white heads are weird see a skin doctor and proactive is a hoax I would like to know aswell as I HAVE THE SAME PROB
I completely understand! I struggled with pimples for years.Now I use the Clear Skin Regimen at It’s a non-profit (so it’s free), the guy who created used to suffer from pimples himself. The system works wonders on my face, and its helped countless other people. The best part is that you don’t have to order or buy any expensive treatments, everything you need for the Regimen can be found at your local drugstore. Find out more at the website.In general, for clear skin it helps if you: don’t touch/pick at your skin, drink lots of water, wash your hair frequently, change your pillowcases, exercise, wear little make-up (or if needed, hypo-allergenic makeup), and minimize stress. Try Pro Activ and if that doesn’t work, go to a dermatologist.
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