I think I may have fibromyalgia – anyone out there have the same symptoms?

Q:I was hospitalized in early July with what they said was kidney infection for 4 days. Ever since I got out of the hospital on July 6 I have felt fatigued, nauseated, and body aches like I want to jump out of my skin. My eyes especially ache. Have had blood workup, CT of abdomen and chest and MRI of lumbar spine. Been to hematologist, urologist, 2 ERs. Have appt with rheumatologist coming up. I have stopped working and applying for short term disability. I feel like I’m losing my mind. No one seems to know what it is. Anyone have similar symptoms or have any suggestions? thanks
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I have fibromyalgia I ache and pain all the time. I also feel tender on touch so if somebody touches you it feels a lot worse then it should like when you have a sore bruise and somebody pokes you in the bruise even though its only a slight touch. When I bump myself harder the pain feels worse say for example the pain will be really bad and then it will ease but then the pain comes back all in a short time. I also have lupus SLE but that is in remission now. when you see the rheumatologist tell him all the symptoms you have he/she will test you there is no blood test or any other test it will be more of him touching you in spots that is what how they can tell. He/she will touch you in the lower back area and he/she should be able to tell but your reaction to it. Good luck and all the besthttp://www.fibromyalgia-symptoms.org/fibromyalgia_treatment.html
ME TOO: I have ignored all these pains for years just figured I was getting older. This last year I finally began to also hurt from one end of my body to the other. Walking hurts,my feet feel like I have bones broken in them I swell all over and my skin actually hurts if any pressure is applied. Every joint hurts (not always the same or at the same places each day). The list is so long to describe but finally I went to a rehumatoid doctor who DID diagnose me with fybromyalgia and rehumatoid arthritis and started me on the right medications to help with it all. At this point the arthritis is the most important to address first then the fybromialgia (Dr Oppinion). I am on methotrexate and prednizone also a water pill for these physical problems. Together they do seem to be helping me cope but it will never go away once you get these diagnosed.Please go see a rehumatoid doctor I definately think you have the symtoms and you need to get the right medication before you will start to feel better. There are more medications that might work better but my husband walked out on me after 14yrs and filed for divorce he would not believe me when I would mention my pain and try to convince him I was not fakeing! By the way I worked 16hr shifts for years on my feet while married to him and never said a word until the end.I have no insurance so its hard to get the medications that would do a better job of helping these diseases. I sympathize with you and do understand so please think about seeking other oppinions. I will keep you in my prayers. Also some cholestorol drugs make your joints hurt also so you have to get off of them before they can be sure its not drug related. I know someone on who has that. We so happening had been looking at this website http://www.fmnetnews.com/pages/basics.html
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