Is black henna safe to use?

Q:I bought premade henna paste and i want to know if it’s safe to use. I keep hearing different things about black henna. I bought a black one because that’s all they had. Will I get any skin damage or cancer from using the black henna?
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i get henna done alot and i always heard never use the blk ink its not true henna ink i never used it but my husband has used it before and he was fine so i really dont know but the people who do my henna art always say never use blkPS: i asked my brother about the blk henna (he does henna art) and he said NEVER use the ink its not pure and has bad stuff in it over time it will cause problems DAGSTAR is right listen to her so throw away that blk stuff u have never use it…….
AUGH! Nonononononononono! Please ignore what everyone else has said- this is like a henna artists nightmare! I am a professional henna artist (over 10 years!) and been a tattoo artist for 15- i know what is safe and reasonable for skin and I can tell you that so called “blackhenna” is NOTNOTNOT!!! It is not really pure and natural henna- which always produces a reddish brown color- “black” henna has had a dye (PPD) added to it that is not safe and can be very toxic! Many people have had it done to them and experienced no problem so they are convinced its harmless- But its not- many many people get horrible burn like scars that can last for years if not forever. Often these scars puss and ooze off and on for years- its akin to getting a chemical burn and is painful. One of my friends (who shall remain nameless) got one every year when she went to Hawaii and ignored my warnings- she had them before and was sure she was fine- well, im sure you guessed she finally got a HORRIBLE scar a few years back and now hates showing her lower back cause its just gross. Basically- Black henna is not henna and its not safe. Real henna is all natural- looks green when its in powder form, and turns brownish red when it stains you. Real henna is absolutely safe safe safe!!! if you need any help at all finding henna or an artist please contact me! ive had a black henna b4 and my skin is fine
Look dear Henna is always good. If you have any doubt jus try in small area to test urself. Every Week i ll apply on my head. i dont have any prob. so dear you can do that. After all i also care about our girls beauty
henna is safe as can be. real tattoos is questionable. it is just a stain for your skin that will fade with time. some last longer than others, but you should be ok.
Well dats a question for a medical professional and im no medical doctor.
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