Is hydroquinone (facial skin lightener) safe?

Q:I am naturally very fair skinned, but have several areas of darkened skin due to acne scarring, that have persisted for several years. I want to even out my skin tone, but safely.
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no no no – please do not use this product. try getting a home micro dermabrasion kit instead. much safer and will yield great results!
it is reccomended by most dermatologists, but i don’t trust it…If you want to get rid of those marks safely use cocoa butter…or shea butter. please read the link below regarding hydroquinone..good luck
You may want to try products that have natural ingredients in them such as Artistry® Bright Idea Illuminating Essence which you can get at: product gives you an even, radiant glow. The key ingredients are skin-brightening black cohosh and asparagus extracts. Additionally, the patented complex of cucumber, lemon, bearberry, and acerola cherry helps improve skin tone while the antioxidant bitter orange peel combats free radicals.
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